Romantic Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend 2023

Romantic Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend


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Romantic Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend


Romantic Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend


It is talked about when Avinash i.e. I lived in Bilaspur, then I had completed my 8th class. When the father was in the police, the father was transferred from Bilaspur to Raipur. We had to shift to Raipur in a few months, I was a little nervous before going to Raipur because Raipur was going to be a completely new city for me.

The company of all my childhood and school friends was also going to leave me forever. It was not easy for a small innocent child to leave everything and go to an unknown city to live and pursue further studies.

Well, the time passed like this only then I saw an uncle come to live in our neighborhood, his name was Gopinath Upadhyay, and he had a wife and a 5-year-old child. After a few days uncle talked to his father and came to know that he is very good and his wife’s maternal uncle is Raipur.

I was a little pleased to hear that the people of Raipur are very nice because my uncle and aunty were very nice. But to tell the truth, that day when I was looking at Aunty, suddenly a thought came into my heart that are the girls of Raipur also good and beautiful like this.

The reason behind the thinking of all these was that the neighbor aunty was very beautiful and her nature was also very good. In such a situation, I also started thinking in my heart that will I also find such a girl in Raipur. I was a little happy thinking about this.

Soon the day came when I was about to leave Bilaspur and leave for Raipur. I also met my friends for the last time a few hours before leaving and hugged them and said goodbye to all of them.

I was very emotional that day because everyone was going to be left behind in a single moment. But I had to go, so I watered the trees in my yard for the last time. There were some dogs sitting in the street with whom I had become a good friend, so I gave them 3 packets of biscuits to eat.

Then I came to Raipur with those golden memories spent in Bilaspur. Raipur was a completely new city for me which was very big and beautiful, we shifted to our new house. Now it was my turn to go to school, my father had already got admission to the 8th class, so after 2 days I went to school.

I was very scared and nervous as my first day was just fine. But I didn’t like that school because no one helped me there. No one helped even after the teacher spoke, because I had late admission, so I had to face a lot of trouble.

I started missing my old school friends a lot, I even cried a lot. Slowly, I came to know that everyone here is mean and that no one will help me. Then I started doing everything myself, slowly everything started going right, then I also became a friend.

As time passed, our quarterly exam also came. I went to the class and was sitting to give the paper, then I saw a girl sitting on the bench in front of me, to be honest, I could not take my eyes off her for a moment because she was very fair and beautiful.

She was looking very innocent in two short, her face was somewhat like Juhi Chawla. For a moment, I started thinking how beautiful this girl is, how nice it would be if she was my friend. Then I also started thinking that such a beautiful girl is in my destiny.

I had not even been able to befriend any girl to date, so becoming her friend was like a dream for me. Well, the exams have started, I used to just keep watching him in between. This is how I used to see him throughout the paper.

After this, I did not think much and started getting the paper. My last paper was also done and I was very happy that after many troubles the quarterly exams went well. I was also recognized as one of the good students in the class for the first time.

Since then, many teachers praised me a lot, in this way, time passed by, my friends also became friends and the final exam was also done. I also passed in 9th with the first division.

Summer vacation is over and the month of July has started, now I was in the 10th class. The first week was good, same old faces and some new faces. Then on Monday, I saw that the girl was also present at the time of prayer.

Then everyone started going towards the class, I saw that girl also came and sat in our class. My heart was pounding but inside I was happy that now I would be able to see her every day. The day the class started, I came to know that her name is Suman.

Then slowly as the days passed, I got to know more about Suman that last year she did not get 2 papers because of her ill health. For this reason, Suman had to study 10th class again.

My day also started passing well, I started being happier than before. Because I got the chance to see her every day, I started changing myself for Suman. But this change was very good as I started focusing more on my studies than before.

Started trying to look better than before, and started smiling more than before Time just passed like this. I used to secretly look at Suman with great love in the hope that somehow he would befriend Suman.

But it was not that easy for a shy boy like me. Because of this, most of my time was spent on my studies. But the advantage of this was that I had come to the forefront of one of the most promising, smartest, most calm, and intelligent boys in the class.

Many teachers also started praising me a lot, and Suman’s attention also started coming towards me only after the teacher’s praise. But this was not enough, then that day also came which every student aspires for.

The Science teacher after checking the paper gave it to all the students so that the students could know their marks. The teacher took everyone’s name and gave them to see their answer sheet.

Along with this, everyone was told who got how much number, then it came to know that I had got the second highest number. For which the teacher asked all the students to stand up and clap. Everyone clapped for me but my eyes were on Suman.

Like everyone, Suman also clapped for me, I was happy just thinking about it. That moment was one of the most memorable moments for me, slowly, somewhere or the other, I had also come into Suman’s eyes, which I had no idea.

The first reason for Suman to pay attention to me was that I was sensible, calm, and good at reading. The second special thing was that I was handsome, my silky hair and brown eyes could pull anyone toward me.

It was not I but my friends who told me this and also said that no intelligent girl will tell you anything. Because of this, not only my class but also some girls in the 8th and 9th classes used to like me and used to see me.

But I myself did not know my inner quality and because of my shy nature, I never used to talk to any girl, let alone friends. In this way, our 10th class also passed with small and big beautiful memories.

This was the year when I was about to come to know that Suman also admires me a lot. This year both were about to realize that they both like each other.

Like every year all the old friends meet in class 11 but this year everything had changed. Because 80% of the students studying in 10th had taken commerce, in which 15 people took maths and 8 people took science, out of which I took science, Suman took commerce.

Because of this, some distance had come between me and Suman. But it is said that whatever happens, happens for good, this distance only brought us closer. Every day I used to go to commerce class to attend Hindi and English classes.

Like every day, I used to eagerly go to see him. Suman also used to watch me secretly but I did not know that Suman also used to watch me. I always got a good feeling seeing him.

Now Suman also started talking about me openly with her friends, she always used to praise me with her friends. When I could not come to school on some days, she often tried to know about me indirectly in suppressed words.

One day Suman’s friend came and told me all these things, who was my senior, whose name was Vandana? That day, after listening to that girl’s words, my heart started beating fast, then inside I started dancing with happiness. Because till now what I used to think is that maybe she likes me or not.

But that day I got confirmation that Suman also has a love for me. This was the reason why Suman used to come to our classroom every day during lunchtime on the pretext of meeting friends. From that day onwards, I was even more desperate to somehow talk to Suman and speak my heart.

I reached the school the next day, I was eagerly waiting for Suman. Seeing Suman not coming, as soon as I came out of the classroom, Suman was in front of me and I bumped into her. Due to this, Suman’s balance deteriorated, and she started falling, and I also fell in the process of saving her.

I got scared and started thinking in my mind that what mistake have I done, I was very scared that my love might end today itself. But then keeping myself calm, I said sorry to Suman and started lifting her by hand.

That first touch of Suman’s soft hands was a beautiful feeling that I can never forget. I was relieved to see that Suman’s reaction after getting up was not angry and she said no problem. Saying this she went towards her class.

This is how Suman and I had a face-to-face talk for the first time. From here the phase of coming closer between me and Suman started. I also started helping Suman in her studies, whenever we used to meet, we used to smile and we started talking with gestures.

After walking like this for several days, both of us became good friends. I remembered his birthday, so I thought why not extend this relationship further? Thinking of this, I gifted her a lovely greeting card and lots of chocolates just like dairy milk.

Because this was the only time when she could not refuse my gift. Suman took the gift and when she opened the gift she had a beautiful smile on her face because Suman loved chocolates. It’s good that I didn’t give any expensive gifts because she was not the kind of girl who would accept expensive gifts and if she didn’t, my heart would have broken.

In this way, our distance started turning into closeness. Both of us started feeling each other deeply, the days started passing very well, and I started liking going to school more than before.

The month of December was going on, like every year we used to go for a picnic before the final exam. Although I had never gone to a picnic for the last several years, this time the desire to go was very high. The reason for this was my Suman, I wanted Suman and me to spend some time away from school.

The second reason was that I was about to tell him about my heart. Because after this the exams were about to come, after that I did not get a chance, so I somehow convinced Suman to go for a picnic. The whole class was ready for the picnic and the day of 23rd December also arrived.

The girls and boys of the class reached the school at 7 in the morning, where we were to leave for the picnic by bus. That day for the first time I saw boys and girls in my class acting so cool. This style of all of them was new to me.

But my eyes were only looking at Suman because for the first time I was also going for her picnic. Suman was coming sitting on her brother’s bike, her open hair flying in the air, and seeing Suman in a new style, I found her very beautiful.

Which attracted me even more towards him. We all sat in the bus on one side girls on the other side boys. In the cold of the morning, soft music falling on our ears was making our picnic journey even more thrilling and memorable.

After some time, the music stopped, the sun also came out, and everyone started insisting on playing Antakshari, and the teacher also agreed. That day I came to know that Suman is not only good at looking and reading but also very good at singing.

But the most special thing about that Antakshari was that it was Suman singing such a romantic song. As if she was giving love signals with her song, saying anything, I was liking this style of Suman very much. In no time, we all reached our picnic destination.

Everyone enjoyed it a lot and took a lot of photos, meanwhile, I also got time to spend some time with Suman. We got a chance to spend a memorable time together which I will never forget. After having a lot of fun and seeing the picnic spots, we left at 7 pm.

Everyone was tired and it was also feeling cold, most of the people sat comfortably on the bus. After some time, most of the people closed their eyes and slept in their seats. So then I thought why not sit with Suman for some time?

Because Suman and my seat were behind, I persuaded her friend and my friend to change the seat and Suman also did not agree. After talking for some time, Suman also started feeling sleepy, she closed her eyes, and after some time she started sleeping by keeping her head on my shoulder.

I too mustered some courage and put my hand in Suman’s with love. As if I wanted to make her feel that I will never leave her side. Just like that I kept holding her hands and closed my eyes and got lost in beautiful memories.

Really that scene was a very memorable romantic moment that is difficult to describe in words. She sleeping with her head on my shoulder, the moderate music playing in the background, the cold weather, and the warmth of her breath that I could feel.

After walking some distance, a Suman got up, then I started telling her my heart. Because this was the time to speak my heart, then I told Suman that Suman I want to say something to you.

I like you very much Suman, not today but since the time I was in 9th class. After knowing and understanding you for so many years, today I want to tell you in full consciousness that I love you, I love you, Suman.

She didn’t mind listening to me because the atmosphere itself was romantic. Suman said to me, what you have spoken today is not a matter of your heart, if you had told me last year itself, I would have said yes, but you did not say anything, you were busy with books all day.

Well, no problem, I also like you. Saying this much, Suman kept her hand in mine and held it tightly. I also took some courage and kissed Suman’s hands secretly, in this way we both expressed our love.

Then Suman went to her seat as we too were about to reach home. From that day onwards our life became very beautiful, Suman and I are still together. Whenever we get a chance, we remember those lovely days of school and talk a lot.

After a few years, I started remembering those things of Bilaspur that how all those things which I used to think unknowingly came true. Then when I thought of that Bilaspur aunty, the hazy picture of her in my mind was also somewhat similar to Suman.

This was the reason that when I saw Suman for the first time, I started getting attracted to her. I don’t know whether it was a coincidence or my foresight, but it was true when these things happened.


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