Raiz VS Spaceship VS Commsec Pocket App

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Raiz VS Spaceship VS Commsec Pocket App


Raiz VS Spaceship VS Commsec Pocket App


Welcome to one of the best post, Here in this post we will provide insight on best micro-investing apps of Australia. We also provide a complete comparison of raiz vs spaceship vs commsec pocket app.

What is mirco -investing? Micro-investing is when you invest using small amounts of money regularly. It makes investing more accessible, especially because it’s usually done through an app.

Raiz Review


What is raiz and how it work ?

Riaz is a micro-investing platform with various raiz portfolios that you can link to your debit card and your bank account and every time you make a purchase it rounds it up to the nearest dollar and then raiz invest that amount into your raiz investment share portfolio on the platform. Another attractive thing about raiz is the low cost of entry. Actually you could start investing with a small amount of money and you didn’t have to risk too much.

  • Users can check their raiz portfolio performance in raiz app as well as they can grab various offers under raiz rewards section in the app.
  • Raiz is also listed on ASX. If you want to find raiz share price, simply search raiz asx, raiz shares, raiz stock on google search.
  • Raiz tax statements are sent by raiz yearly.


How to close Raiz account?


If user wants to close raiz account simply they can do it through raiz app or by calling on raiz contact number.


Which Riaz portfolio is best?


Out of all portfolios raiz sapphire is the best one.


Raiz VS Spaceship

Features Spaceship Raiz
Ease of use Easy Easy
Trading fees $2.50 monthly $3.50 monthly
Referral amount $10 per refer $5 per refer
Portfolios Limited portfolios Wide range of portfolios
Security Password, Face recognition Password, Fingerprint scanner

Spaceship Voyager Review


Spaceship voyager is a micro investing platform which provides you with the access to three managed funds which directly invests in shares. Spaceship voyager is not a brokerage platform but managed funds where your money is pulled and then invested and managed on your behalf. When you choose to invest in one of three portfolios available, a spaceship will handle the portfolio construction and how the money invested will be allocated. Each spaceship portfolio is a managed investment scheme which means you cannot opt out of any of any of the shares in the portfolio. You can invest as much as you want there is no minimum requirement all these three platforms offer diversification.

  • Spaceship Origin: Tracks the top 100 stocks passively
  • Spaceship Universe: Actively managed fund that tracks top global stocks
  • Spaceship Earth: Comprised of companies that provide a positive impact to carbon emissions


Commsec Pocket Review


Answer to all ablove questions – This app works the same raiz investment app which so many people around Australia have been using for many years now. Commsec pocket etfs investing and it offers seven different investing options but all those investing options are just based on etfs and they keep it fairly cheap on this app. You can start with a minimum of $50 and up to $1000 and the brokerage cost is just $2. Overall the app offers seven different investment options:. These aussie top 700, aussie dividends, global 100, emerging markets, health wise, sustainability leaders and tech savvy.


CommSec Pocket Name Ticker Selected ETF
“Aussie Top 200” IOZ iShares Core S&P/ASX 200 ETF
“Aussie Dividends” SYI SPDR MSCI Australia Select High Dividend Yield Fund
“Global 100” IOO iShares Global 100 ETF
“Emerging Markets” IEM iShares MSCI Emerging Markets ETF
“Health Wise” IXJ iShares Global Healthcare ETF
“Sustainability Leaders” ETHI BetaShares Global Sustainability Leaders ETF
“Tech Savvy” NDQ BetaShares NASDAQ 100 ETF

These three apps are fundamentally very different from one another.
Commsec pocket app and their structure is really simple and that is because all it does is to allow you to invest in exchange traded funds easily and it actually offers seven traded funds.

Things get a little bit complicated with raiz. It does use exchange traded funds however they do it in a bit different way. What they do is they offer six different options from low to higher risk and they actually diversify etfs which is a bit ironic when you think about the fundamental nature of an etf.

Spaceship voyager app actually manages funds very easily; it uses multiple etfs in different proportions. With managed funds there are so called experts that manage in and outs and then they change it based on what they think best.


Raiz VS Spaceship VS Commsec Pocket App Fees

Raiz fees Spaceship voyager fees Commsec pocket fees
$3.50 per month $2.50 per month $2 per trade under $1000
0.27% balance over $15000 some % on account balance + $30 P A 0.20% per trade over $1000


Minimum Investment According To Raiz VS Spaceship VS Commsec


Commsec pocket has a minimum investment of $50 while raiz investment has a minute investment of $5 and spaceship voyager has no minimum investment.


Raiz Spaceship Commsec pocket
$5 $5 $50



The risk of commsec pocket apps is really low. You can look at their commsec pocket app and commsec pocket reviews.

Is raiz safe ? Is raiz worth it ? the risk obviously depends on which option. You choose they offer six different raiz portfolios along with raiz kids that are built on their risk level. Overall the risk level is medium to high in raiz. Overall, raiz reviews, raiz app reviews are very positive.

In spaceship voyager the risk they have is probably a bit higher because they haven’t existed for long. It came to Australia.



All these micro investing platforms. Comparatively like raiz vs spaceship vs commsec pocket app are differently worth considering they all seem fairly easy to use and they are very easy to beginners. The main difference between all of them is the fees. And I think spaceship has a lower fee even after all the adjustments they have done.


Final Word

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