Ninth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Ninth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Ninth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


King Vikramaditya failed several times to take Betal, but he did not give up. This time also he carried Betal on his shoulder and started moving forward. Like every time, this time also Betal told a new story to the king. Know what was that story and what was the king’s answer to Betal’s question related to the story.

Once upon a time, a king used to rule in the city of Ujjain. His name was Virdev and the name of the queen was Padma. They both had a daughter Roopmati. Once Roopmati went out to visit the kingdom with her friends and ministers. Along with roaming around, she was also giving some gifts to her subjects. Meanwhile, a person gifted a beautiful saree to the princess. The princess was very happy to see that saree.

She asked the person, “Where did you buy this saree from? This saree is very beautiful. Meanwhile, the princess’s minister said, “She made this saree herself. He is a great artist. The princess was surprised to hear the minister’s words. The princess expressed her desire to see other sarees and clothes woven by the man. The man was very happy and invited the princess to go to his house. The princess accepted the invitation and went to his house to see many clothes. She was very happy and said, “I want to stop here and learn this craft from you.” After saying this, the princess set out again to complete her journey.

The princess had gone a little further that a person came from ahead and told the princess and her friends that there was a lion under the tree ahead. The princess was startled and asked the man, “How did you know? Have you seen what?” The man said, “No princess, I have been informed by my bird friend.” The princess was startled again, she asked, “Do you talk to the birds?” So the man replied that he knows the language of birds, animals and creatures living in water.

The princess was very happy to hear this and expressed her desire to learn the language of birds and animals and invited them to come to the palace. The person said that these birds and animals are his family, how can they come to the palace. So the princess obeyed him and said, “If ever she gets a chance in future, she herself will come to him to learn this language.” Saying this she went ahead.

The journey was long. While traveling, the health of the princess started deteriorating. The princess was taken to Vaidya. The courtier asked the princess to rest at his place and gave her herbs. The princess was cured within a few hours after consuming that medicine. The princess thanked the lawgiver. Other patients sitting there told Rajkumari many things about Vaidya, how he serves everyone and many people have been cured by his medicines. Hearing all this, the princess said to Vaidya, “You are doing very good and virtuous work. I also want to serve others in the same way.

Then the princess set out to complete her journey. She had gone only a short distance when her leg got caught in a trap set for the animals. The princess started shouting for help. Her friends and ministers also started calling for help. Meanwhile, a hero with his understanding and archery took the princess out of the trap. The princess was happy and thanked Veer. At the same time she left from there expressing her desire to meet him again.

After this the princess returned to the palace after a long journey. After returning home the king told him that relations of kings and princes had started coming from the surrounding kingdoms. The princess listened to the father and said that she did not want a king or a prince, but an ordinary person. He said to his father, “I came to know in this journey that even ordinary people are very knowledgeable, hardworking and great. So, I want an ordinary person as my life partner. The king announced Swayamvara obeying the words of the daughter. The word of that Swayamvar also reached the four persons whom the princess had met during the journey.

All four of them reached the Swayamvara of the princess. The story had reached so far that like every time, Betal stopped the story in the middle and asked Vikram a question. Betal asked, “There were four grooms in front of the princess, a cloth maker, a linguist, a valid and a brave. Now tell who was the best groom for the princess? On whose neck did the princess put the Swayamvara garland? Tell me quickly or else I will break your head.

King Vikram replied, “The artist was a very rich man, but what is the lack of money for the princess. Therefore, the princess will not choose the artist. On the other hand, the other person who knows the language is fine for entertainment. The third is Vaidya, who is a good person, serving the society. If he is compared to that Veer, then the princess will choose Veer only. The king has no son, so only a brave son-in-law can protect the kingdom. Therefore, the best groom for the princess is that brave man.

Betal became happy after listening to Vikram, but like every time, as soon as Vikram spoke, Betal again went to the tree and hanged himself.

Learning from the story: When given a chance, a brave and intelligent person must be made a part of his life.

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