Nineteenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Nineteenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Nineteenth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


Like every time, this time also King Vikramaditya put Betal on his shoulder and started moving forward. The journey was long, so Betal again told a new story to the king. Betal says…

This is the story of widow Bhagwati and her daughter Dhanwanti. After Bhagwati becomes a widow, her husband’s relatives take away all her wealth and throw Bhagwati and her daughter out of the house. After this both mother and daughter leave for another city. On the way, when both stop at a place to rest, a soldier keeps a thief tied up there. The thief is thirsty and requests Bhagwati and her daughter Dhanwanti to give him water. After drinking water, he asks mother and daughter all the things that what happened to them.

After listening to all the things, the thief wishes to marry Dhanwanti. Hearing this, Bhagwati gets angry and tells the constable about the thief. The constable also expresses anger at the thief and says, “You will be hanged in a few days and you talk about getting married.” Hearing this, the thief says, “I have committed many sins, now it seems that there should be someone who can give me water after death. I don’t have any child, I can’t even die peacefully, I will wander like a ghost.

After hearing all this, the soldier tied the thief there and went to rest. After the constable left, the thief began to tell Bhagwati and her daughter Dhanwanti about his hidden wealth, he said, “If you marry your daughter Dhanwanti to me, I will tell you about my hidden wealth, before I die After that both of you will be able to spend your whole life comfortably with that money. After listening to him, both were in thought.

Dhanwanti’s mother Bhagwati asked the thief, “Why do you want to do this.” So the thief said, “The child I will have after marriage will do Pinddaan after my death, so that I will get salvation and I will not become a ghost.” After hearing all this, Bhagwati gets ready to get her daughter married to the thief.

Both get married and soon both have a child. After a few days the thief is hanged. Bhagwati and Dhanwanti are very sad. After a few days, Bhagwati remembers the thief that he had hidden the treasure under the ground in front of the idol in a cave. Both mother and daughter go there and see and start digging the ground, then they find gold-silver and money there. Dhanwanti is still sad and says, “If money is not available, but he was alive, I would have got everything.” Bhagwati explains to her daughter that, “If there is money, all happiness will be found.”

After that both mother and daughter go to a new city and start living their life happily. After some time Bhagwati’s friends start asking about getting Dhanwanti married. Bhagwati says, “I want to get my daughter married, but the boy should be such that he will be the son-in-law of the house.” Then after some time a pundit boy comes to their house, in front of whom Bhagwati proposes the marriage of her daughter Dhanwanti.

Seeing their big house and money, the boy gets greedy and says yes for the marriage. He stays with them for some time and after winning their trust, runs away one night with all the jewelry and money from the house. Dhanwanti’s mother Bhagwati died in this sorrow and Dhanwanti became poor and lonely. After that she left that city for another city with her child.

Time passed and Dhanwanti somehow managed to survive. Slowly, Dhanwanti’s child also started growing up.

One day both mother and son were wandering on the way when they both saw a prince, whose neck was held by a dragon. Dhanwanti’s son pulled out that dragon from the prince’s throat after many difficulties, but alas, by then the prince had died. Meanwhile, the prince’s father who was the king of that kingdom reached there. He was deeply saddened by the son’s death, but seeing the courage of Dhanwanti’s son, the king decided to adopt Dhanwanti’s son. Dhanwanti and her son started living at Maharaj’s place.

Dhanwanti’s son soon learned about the palace and all the functions of the king and took the place of the king’s son. The age of the king was too much and after some time the king died. Before dying, the king handed over the whole kingdom to Dhanwanti’s son and made him the king. After that Dhanwanti told her son that after the death of the father, the son has to perform Shradh and Pinddaan for the peace of the father’s soul. Hearing this, his son went out with his mother Dhanwanti to donate the body. When he reached the bank of the river, he was shown three hands.

After telling such a story, Betal stopped and like every time he asked King Vikramaditya a question, “Tell me Rajan, who is the father of that warrior? In which hand will Dhanwanti’s son give the pind? The thief with whom Dhanwanti was initially married has a hand in this. The second hand belongs to the man who married Dhanwanti out of greed for money and the third hand to the king who adopted Dhanwanti’s son and kept him as his son.

Vikramaditya replied, “The father of that boy is the thief who married Dhanvanti with full rituals. The other man had married Dhanvanti out of greed and the king had just done his job. The thief is the real husband of Dhanwanti and the father of her son, as he selflessly left money for Dhanwanti before he died, so that she could lead a happy life.

Betal was very happy on hearing this and went back to the same tree in the dense forest and hanged upside down.

Lesson learned from the story: The person who does any work without any selfishness, he definitely gets good results sometimes.

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