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Moral Story


Moral Story


The Story Of The Great Monkey


There are many such trees and plants in the Himalayan forest, which are unique in themselves. Such trees and plants are not found anywhere else. The fruits and flowers that grow on them are different. The fruits that grow on them are so sweet and aromatic that one cannot live without eating them. One such tree was on the bank of the river, on which all the monkeys used to live with their king. The name of the king of monkeys was Mahakapi. Mahakapi was very intelligent and knowledgeable.

Mahakapi had ordered that no fruit should ever be left on that tree. As soon as the fruit was about to ripen, the monkeys used to eat it. Mahakapi believed that if a ripe fruit breaks and reaches a human through a river, it can be very harmful to him. All the monkeys agreed with Mahakapi and obeyed him, but one day a ripe fruit fell into the river, which was hidden among the leaves.

The fruit flowed down the river and reached a place where a king was walking with his queens. The fragrance of the fruit was so good that the queens closed their eyes in ecstasy. The king was also got fascinated by this fragrance. When the king looked around, he saw the fruit flowing in the river. The king picked it up and gave it to his soldiers and said that someone should eat it and see how this fruit is. A soldier ate that fruit and said that it is very sweet.

After this, the king also ate that fruit and became happy. He ordered his soldiers to find the tree from where the fruit came. After much effort, the king’s soldiers found the tree. He saw that beautiful tree on the bank of the river. Many monkeys were sitting on it. The soldiers did not like this and started killing the monkeys one by one. Seeing the monkeys injured, Mahakapi acted wisely. He put a bamboo pole like a bridge between the tree and the hill. Mahakapi ordered all the monkeys to leave that tree and go to the other side of the hill.

The monkeys obeyed Mahakapi and all of them reached the other side of the hill with the help of bamboo, but during this time the monkeys crushed Mahakapi badly. The soldiers immediately went to the king and told the whole thing. The king was very pleased with Mahakapi’s bravery and ordered the soldiers to immediately bring Mahakapi to the palace and get him treated. The soldiers did so, but by the time Mahakapi was brought to the palace, he was already dead.

Learning from the story – Bravery and wisdom give us a place in the pages of history. Along with this, it is also learned from this story that one should act wisely in every difficult time.


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