Monkey And Peg ~ Bedtime Stories

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Monkey And Peg ~ Bedtime Stories


Monkey And Peg ~ Bedtime Stories


Once upon a time, a temple was being built a short distance away from the city. Wood was being used in the construction of that temple. Some laborers had come from the city for wood work. One day the laborers were chopping wood. All the laborers used to go to the city every day to have lunch. During that time no one lived there for an hour. One day when it was time for lunch, everyone started leaving. A laborer had only split the wood in half. Therefore, he inserts a wooden peg in the middle, so that it is easier to insert the saw to cut again.

Shortly after they leave, a group of monkeys come there. There was a mischievous monkey in that group, who started turning the things lying there upside down. The lord of the monkeys forbade everyone to disturb the things kept there. After some time all the monkeys start going back to the trees, so that mischievous monkey remains behind and starts creating fuss. While doing mischief, his eyes fall on the half-ripe wood on which the laborer had put a wooden peg. Seeing the peg, the monkey started wondering why the stick was put there, what would happen if it was removed. Then he starts pulling the peg to get it out.

When the monkey exerts more force, the peg starts moving and sliding, seeing which the monkey is happy and starts moving the peg with more force. He gets so engrossed in pulling out the peg that he does not realize when his tail has come between the two legs. The monkey pulls the peg out with all its might. As soon as the peg comes out, both the wooden parts stick and its tail gets stuck in the middle. When the tail gets stuck, the monkey starts screaming in pain and only then the laborers also reach there. Seeing them, the monkey tries to run away, then the tail breaks. He reaches his herd screaming and running with a broken tail. As soon as he reaches there, all the monkeys start laughing seeing his broken tail.

Learning from the story: We learn from this story that we should neither tamper with the things of others nor interfere in their work. By doing this only we are harmed.


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