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Little Kids Stories


Little Kids Stories


Story Of Rapunzel – Once upon a time, there lived a man named John in a village in Germany. His wife’s name was Nail. Both of them were childless. He wished that he should also have a lovely child. For this, he used to pray to God every day. One day God heard their prayer and Nail became pregnant. Nell immediately told this to her husband John. John was also very happy to hear this news and both thanked God for this.

After Nail became pregnant, Don took full care of her. He used to fulfill her every small and big wish. One day both husband and wife were having dinner together, but Nail was not feeling well, so she got up from there and came to the balcony to eat fresh air. Here she saw a small child, she said to her husband, ‘Look, that child is so cute’. To this John said, ‘Yes, he is really cute.’

Then Nell started looking on the other side of the balcony, only then her eyes fell on Rapunzel’s leaves. He said, ‘Wow! Rapunzel’s leaves are so fresh. Hopefully! I would have got these to eat. John was horrified to hear this. He said, ‘Hey! You don’t say that That palace belongs to the sorceress Gothal. It is impossible to go there. She doesn’t let anyone in her garden. You eat something else instead.’ Niall did not agree, she insisted that she had to eat Rapunzel’s leaves.

Defeated by his wife’s insistence, John went to the sorceress Gothe l’s mansion and asked her for Rapunzel’s leaves. On this, the sorceress Gothal said, ‘How dare you come here. You won’t find any leaves, get out of here.’ Hearing this, John left there in despair, then an idea came to his mind. At midnight John got up and went with a basket to the sorceress’s garden. There he stole some of Rapunzel’s leaves and fled from there. The sorceress saw this incident from the window of her mansion.

The next day when John brings his wife Niall Rapunzel leaves, she is overjoyed and goes to make Rapunzel salad for herself. As soon as Niall sat down to eat the salad, the sorceress Gothal came there. When she sees Rapunzel’s cards on the table, she starts yelling at John. John was very scared to hear her words and started apologizing to her.

John said, ‘Gothal! Pardon me I was forced My wife is pregnant and she really wanted to eat Rapunzel leaves. I had asked you for leaves, but you did not listen to me. In the end, I was forced to steal those leaves.

Hearing John’s words, the sorceress Gothel said, ‘You made a big mistake by stealing Rapunzel’s leaves from my garden. I will definitely punish you for this. You can escape my punishment if you want. Just for this, you have to give your child to me after birth. Having said this, Gothal leaves from there. Both Jon and Niall are horrified to hear of the sorceress Gothel, and they decide to leave the town after the baby is born.

A few days later, Nell gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. As soon as the baby is born, Niall and John start running away. That’s why they found that sorceress on the way and she disappeared with her magic taking the baby girl. Here Niall and John started crying in memory of their child. On the other side, that sorceress started nurturing that girl with a lot of love. He named the baby girl Rapunzel. As Rapunzel grew up, her hair grew twice as long.

One day the sorceress Gothel is combing Rapunzel’s hair when her master comes there. He says to Gothal, ‘Listen Gothal! Now the time has come for you to take Rapunzel to my tower. Now you have to take care of that tower.’ Having said this, Gothal’s teacher took Rapunzel and Gothal from there and went straight to the tower.

On reaching the tower, the master imprisoned Gothal and Rapunzel in a room and said, ‘ Gothal, now I want to rest a little, so I am handing over this tower to you. Take good care of it. If anything happens to it, I will punish you severely for it. On this Gothal said, ‘Guru ji, you can rest assured, I will take care of this palace very well.’ After this, the Guru of Gothal left from there.

As soon as Guru left, Gothel said to Rapunzel, ‘I am going to the market to buy some things. Till then you take care of this palace. ‘ Hearing these words of Gothal, Rapunzel starts thinking that how will she get down from this tower, there is no ladder here. Meanwhile, Gothel hangs Rapunzel’s long hair down from the tower and says, ‘I will go down with it and call you when I return from the market. Hearing my voice, you hang your hair down from the tower like this, so that I can come up holding it. ‘ To this Rapunzel says, ‘Okay.’

Now quickly Gothal gets down with the help of Rapunzel’s hair and goes to the market. After Gothel leaves, Rapunzel, sitting alone in the tower, begins to sing to entertain herself. Meanwhile, a prince comes to that place for a walk. Then he hears the sweet songs of Rapunzel. Hearing her voice, the prince wonders who would be singing such a beautiful song in this lonely place. With this thought, the prince walks towards that voice. During this, his eyes fall on the tower.

The prince starts listening to Rapunzel’s song while hiding behind the tree. Meanwhile, he sees Gothel coming there and calling out to Rapunzel, ‘Let your hair down.’ Hearing this, Rapunzel immediately lets her hair down and Gothel goes inside the tower with her help. The prince is shocked to see all this. The next day the prince comes there again and sees that Gothel has gone down to the market with the help of Rapunzel’s hair.

As soon as Gothel reaches a little distance, the prince approaches the tower and calls out, Rapunzel… Rapunzel… let your hair down! Hearing this, Rapunzel lets her hair down. Then the prince enters the tower with the help of hair. Rapunzel gets scared seeing the prince. She asks, ‘Who are you?’

On this, the prince says, ‘Hey! don’t you be afraid I am not a thief? I have come here after listening to your song. Your voice is very sweet.’ Rapunzel becomes very happy about this and starts singing to the prince. Similarly, every day the prince started coming to the tower, and soon both of them fell in love with each other.

One day Rapunzel tells them about herself the prince. She says Gothal is not my mother. He has kept me imprisoned here. She doesn’t let me go anywhere. Hearing this, the prince promises Rapunzel that he will definitely reunite her with her real parents. Having said this, the prince leaves the tower. By then Gothal comes there and sees Rajkumar leaving.

She immediately calls out, Rapunzel… Rapunzel… you let your hair down! Rapunzel knocks her men down and goes to the top of the tower. As soon as they enter the tower, Gothel angrily tells Rapunzel, ‘I thought I had succeeded in keeping you away from the outside world, but it is not so.’ In anger, Gothel cuts Rapunzel’s hair with scissors. Then takes him to a deserted desert and leaves him.

Unaware of this, the prince again comes to the tower the next day and calls out, Rapunzel… Rapunzel… you let your hair down. As usual, Rapunzel’s hair falls down, which he grabs and enters the tower, but this time he is surprised. Actually, Rapunzel was not Gothel in the tower.

He sees her and asks, where is Rapunzel?

Gothal says, ‘The Rapunzel you came here in search of is no longer here.’ Having said this, Gothal throws the prince down from the tower.

The prince was badly injured after this incident, but still, he did not give up. He sets out with his soldiers in search of Rapunzel. After wandering like this for some time, the prince reached the desert, where he heard the song of Rapunzel, which she used to sing often. He started moving towards singing happily. After going some distance he found Rapunzel, he was overjoyed and took her with him to the tower.

On reaching the tower, the prince ordered his soldiers to break it. Gothal tried hard to stop the soldiers, but she could not succeed. Meanwhile, the Guru of Gothal reached there and when he saw the tower breaking, he turned red with anger. The Guru severely punished Gothal and disappeared from there.

After this, the prince took Rapunzel with him to the palace and there introduced her to her real parents. Rapunzel was overjoyed to meet her parents and thanked the prince. After this everyone started living there happily together.

Moral Of The Story: We should never think bad about anyone because the end of bad is always bad.


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