Last Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Last Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Last Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


After twenty-four consecutive attempts, King Vikramaditya finally succeeds in taking the body to the crematorium and Betal abandons the body. Know further what happened when King Vikramaditya reached Yogi with the dead body.

The Yogi was overjoyed to see King Vikramaditya and the dead body on his shoulder. Expressing happiness, he said to the king, “O king, you have proved that you are the best of all kings by doing this difficult task.” Saying this, he removed the dead body from the king’s shoulder and started preparing it for Tantra Sadhana.

When the Tantra Sadhana was done, he said to the king, “O king, now you bow down to him lying down.” On hearing this, the king remembered the story of Betal. He told Yogi, “I don’t know how to do this, so you tell me first by doing it, then I will do it.”

As soon as the yogi bowed down to bow down, the king cut off his head. Seeing all this, Betal was very happy and said, “Rajan, this yogi wanted to become the king of scholars, but now you will become the king of scholars. I troubled you a lot, now ask for what you want.

On hearing this, the king said, “If you are happy, then I want that along with the twenty-four stories you have told me, this twenty-fifth story should also become famous all over the world and everyone should read them with respect.”

As soon as Betal heard this, he said, “As you wish, it will happen, these stories will be known as ‘Betal-Pachisi’ and whoever reads or listens to them carefully, their sins will be over.”

Having said this, Betal went away and after that Shivji appeared to the king. Shiva appeared and said to the king, “You have done a good deed by killing this evil yogi. Now you will soon rule the underworld and the earth along with the seven islands. When your mind is filled with all these things, then you come to me. By saying this, Shivji left from there.

After this the king went to his city and there when everyone came to know about the bravery of the king, everyone praised the king and celebrated. After some time, King Vikramaditya became the king of earth and underworld. When his mind was full, he went to Lord Shiva. End

Moral of the story: Evil never wins. If a person has a clear mind and has patience, he gets respect everywhere.

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