King Bruce And The Spider Story With Moral For Kids ( 1060 )

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King Bruce And The Spider Story With Moral For Kids


King Bruce And The Spider Story With Moral For Kids


Origin And History Of King Bruce And The Spider


Alright, guys, gather around for a little history lesson. So, way back in ancient Greece, there was this person named Aesop, and he was the classic storyteller. He came up with these awesome fables that involved talking animals and inanimate objects that could solve problems like real humans. And guess what? His stories are still being told today!

One of his classic tales is called “King Bruce and the Spider.” It’s about a teeny, tiny spider that helps a king learn an important lesson about not giving up. And let me tell you, it’s a pretty cool story.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to learn about the origin and history of this awesome fable that has been passed down from generation to generation.


Story Type Of King Bruce And The Spider


“King Bruce and the Spider” is a story for children with a moral lesson. You can ask your child to read this story during their reading time.


Story Characters


The characters of “King Bruce and the Spider” story are:

  • King Bruce
  • King of England
  • King Bruce’s army
  • Tiny spider


King Bruce And The Spider Story For Children


Here is the “King Bruce and the Spider” story with pictures.

A long time ago, there was a king in Scotland named Robert Bruce. He ruled Scotland when it was not a part of England. The King Bruce of Scotland was brave and wise. One day, the king of England led his huge army into Scotland to drive Robert Bruce out of Scotland. King Bruce refused to give up his country and gathered a small group of people to fight the King of England.

King Bruce’s small army of brave men fought six times but lost the fight each time. After fighting every battle, the Scottish army was left with no option except to flee and save their lives. As a result, the army was completely broken, and all lost their hope.

In the end, the Scottish army was scattered, and king Bruce could do nothing but run away and hide. He ran and hid in the deep woods and in the lonely places among the mountains. With no army left, he was not understanding what to do next. He was wandering alone in the garden, growing weaker and losing hope with every passing day.

One day, it suddenly started raining cats and dogs. Looking for shelter, king Bruce found an empty cave. He was quite tired and sick at heart. He thought not to try anything further as all was lost.

As he lay on the cold ground thinking of giving up, king Bruce suddenly saw a spider spinning her web in the cave. The spider was trying hard to spin a thread from one end of the cave to the other. But the tiny little spider kept falling as the thread was short and thin. King Bruce counted that the spider tried at least six times to make her thread stick to the cave walls but lost every time. He felt extremely sad for the spider.

On the other hand, the strong spider did not lose hope even after failing for the sixth time. She finally succeeded on the seventh try. This time she spun the thread from the other end of the cave. King Bruce was surprised to see this. Watching this tiny creature try again and again gave him new hope and strength. He cried happily and said, “If a tiny spider can bravely do it without losing hope, then so can I.” With this, he decided to raise his army once more.

King Bruce came out of the cave when the rain stopped and said, “I must try a seventh time”.

King Bruce again gathered his army and marched towards the battlefield. He told them his plans and encouraged them to bring more men for his army from Scotland. The faithful soldiers followed their king and brought back strong men for the army. Soon, there was an army of fearless Scottish men to fight another battle with England.

This time king Bruce finally won the battle and got his kingdom back.


Story Summary


Let’s take a look at the summary of “King Bruce and the Spider” story below.

Once upon a time, there was a king Bruce in Scotland. He fought many battles. When the king of England attacked the Scotland army, king Bruce lost the battle six times and was defeated. He ran away from the battlefield and hid in a cave.

In the cave, he saw a spider who was trying to weave a web from one end of the cave to another. But it failed again and again. Even after failing six times, it did not lose it’s heart and tried weaving the web again. Finally, the spider weaved the web in the seventh attempt.

The spider taught the king a good lesson and filled him with new hope and courage. The king again gathered his army and asked his people to add more men and fought bravely against the English army. This time he was successful in freeing and reclaiming his country.


Moral Of The Story


The moral of “King Bruce and the Spider” story is “Never be afraid of failures. You truly fail when you stop trying. Keep trying, and you will achieve success.”

In the story, king Bruce is hopeless after failing six times on the battlefield. But, when he saw the little spider trying again and again, even after failing multiple times, new hope and courage not to give up ignited inside him. Therefore, he tried one more time and succeeded in getting his kingdom back.


How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?


The kids can apply the moral of this short story in their real life by not losing hope in difficult times and trying again even after failing. They should be taught that failure should affect their determination to try and succeed. Parents should provide examples of great personalities like “Walt Disney” who was fired because his editor felt that he “lacked imagination” and had no good ideas. But the rest is history. Today, he is remembered for his many creations, like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Disneyland.


Final Word

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