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Story Of The Magic Hammer – A blacksmith Ram Gopal lived in Mansa village. He had a large family, for whose maintenance he had to work many times day and night. Ramgopal asked his wife to pack his lunch box before going to work. When the wife brought the box, Ram Gopal said, “I will be late today. Maybe I’ll come at night.” Having said this, Ramgopal left for his work.

The way to work passed through a forest. As soon as Ramgopal reached there, he heard some sound. As soon as Ramgopal went a little closer, he saw a monk laughing while chanting God’s mantra.

Surprised, Ramgopal asked, “Are you okay?”

Ramgopal did not know that monk, but the monk immediately took his name and said, “Come to Ramgopal, son, I was waiting for you only. I’m hungry, feed me something from your lunch box.”

Ramgopal was surprised to hear his name from Baba. But he didn’t ask any questions and immediately took out his lunch box and gave it to them.

In no time, Baba ate all of Ramgopal’s food. After that, the monk said, “Son, I have eaten all the food, what will you eat now. Forgive me.”

Ramgopal said, “No problem Baba, I am going to the market for work, so I will eat something there.”

Hearing this, the hermit blessed Ramgopal a lot and gave him a hammer as a gift. Ramgopal said, “Your blessings are enough. What will I do with this hammer? Keep it yourself.

The monk replied, “Son, this is not a minor hammer. This is the magic hammer, which was given to me by my master and now I am giving it to you because you have a pure heart. Use it only for good works and never give it in the hands of others. Having said this, Baba disappeared from there.

Ramgopal went to work in the market with a hammer in his hands. Before making the tool, it came to his mind that today I beat iron with this hammer. As soon as he hit the iron with a hammer, it became a straight tool. Iron utensils were made in the second injury.

Ramgopal understood that it was indeed a magical hammer. The one who hits iron with the thought of making it, the iron becomes straight. Because of the magical hammer, Ramgopal’s work got over quickly and he took the magical hammer home with him.

Similarly, every day Ramgopal used to finish the work quickly with that hammer, and many times he used to make more utensils and sell them to the people of the village. Gradually, the condition of his house started getting better than before.

One day the village headman came to his house and said, “We villagers take a long time to go to the city. Will you use your hammer to help break a mountain that stands between the village and the city? With this, a road will be made in the middle and the journey from the village to the city will be easy and short.

After listening to the Chief, Ramgopal broke that mountain with that magical hammer. The headman and the people of the village were very happy and praised him a lot.

While returning home after breaking the mountain, it occurred to the blacksmith that my work gets done quickly with this magical hammer, but it is not of much use. Immersed in this thought, instead of going home, the blacksmith sadly went towards the forest.

In that forest, the same monk appeared again to Baba Lohar. The blacksmith told him everything on his mind. The sage said, “Its use is not limited to making tools and utensils and breaking mountains. With this, you can make anything you want and can easily break any hard thing.

Ramgopal learned from Sadhu Baba how to use that magical hammer. After that Ramgopal earned a lot of money. Today Ramgopal has become a rich man. Even now he uses that magic hammer whenever he feels the need.

Learning from the story – Be it any object or mind, they should be used to the fullest. Also, it is essential to understand the value of the things you have. Desperation in vain does not help.

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