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Kids Stories To Read


Kids Stories To Read


The Story Of The Magical Gold Bracelet – Years ago, there lived a cobbler named Ramdas in the city of Kashi. He was a very kind-hearted person. Always ready to help everyone. If anyone came to him to ask for help, he did not have to return depressed.

One day cobbler Ramdas was sitting in his shop carrying his cobbler’s wares as usual. A Brahmin came to him and gave his shoe to be stitched.

While sealing the shoe, Ramdas asked the Brahmin, “Where have you come from?”

The Brahmin Dev replied, “I have come here from the banks of Kaveri to have darshan and bathe in Mother Ganga.”

Suddenly Mochi Ramdas asked, “Why, has the water in the Kaveri river finished today?”

Brahmin was surprised to hear this. He said to Ramdas, “You live on the banks of the Ganges and are talking like this. Don’t you know the importance of Mother Ganga? Haven’t you ever gone there for a bath and darshan?”

Ramdas replied, “Neither do I know the importance nor have I ever bathed there.”

Before Ramdas could say anything further, the Brahmin Dev started saying, “Living on the banks of the Ganges, neither the power of the Ganges is known nor anything else. That’s why your parts are torn. After that, the Brahmin narrated the glory of Mother Ganga to Ramdas.

After listening to the Brahmin’s words, Ramdas said, “If your mind is clear then the water of every bank is the Ganges.”

After saying this, Ramdas quickly stitched the shoe and said to the Brahmin, “Your shoe is fixed. Will you do me a favor while going to the banks of the Ganges now?

Brahmin Dev said, “Sure, tell me what to do?”

Ramdas took out a piece of whole betel nut from his pocket and said, “Offer this whole betel nut to her when you bathe in the Ganges.”

Brahmin Dev took that betel nut from Ramdas’s hand and started going to the banks of the Ganges.

After taking a bath there, the Brahmin Dev called out to Mother Ganga with a betel nut in his hand and said, “Mother, this is what Ramdas has sent for you, accept it.”

Having said this, the Brahmin Dev threw that whole betel nut into the Ganges. In a short while a hand came flowing in the Ganges and stopped near the Brahmin. There was a gold bracelet in that hand.

At the same time, a voice came, “Give this bracelet to Ramdas on my behalf.”

The Brahmin was surprised to see a gold bracelet coming for Ramdas from Mother Ganga. The stunned Brahmin lifted the bracelet in his hand. As soon as he took the bracelet in his hand, the Brahmin got greedy. He thought that I will not give this bracelet to Ramdas. After all, how would Ramdas know that Mother Ganga had asked him to give her the bracelet? With this thought, the Brahmin started moving forward.

After going some distance, it occurred to him that if I sold this bracelet, there would be an inquiry and I might be accused of theft. I directly give this bracelet to the king, he will be happy and will also give a reward.

With this thought, the Brahmin directly reached the palace. As soon as he reached there, after saluting the king, Brahmin presented him with a bracelet.

The brightness of that bracelet stunned the king and the other people present there. The king said, “Brahman Dev, looking at this bracelet, it looks as if it is from heaven.”

The king gave that bracelet to his wife. As soon as the wife wore the bracelet, she became happy. Then the king said to the Brahmin, “This is a bracelet, I want another pair of it too.” The queen will wear this bracelet in both hands only then her beauty will increase.

On hearing this, the Brahmin broke out in a sweat. The king immediately asked, “What happened, why are you upset?” This bracelet is not stolen, is it?

Immediately the Brahmin replied, “No-no Raja Sahib, it is not theft.”

Then the king said, “Okay, you bring another bracelet and give it to me by this evening. Only then will I agree that it is not stolen.

The terrified Brahmin left the king’s court saying, “Jee Raja Saheb”. The king put some of his soldiers behind the Brahmin so that he could know the truth about the bracelet.

After leaving the palace, the Brahmin went straight to Ramdas. He told Ramdas about the bracelet given by Mother Ganga, the greed of his mind, and the king’s request. After that, he started asking Ramdas how to get the second bracelet.

Ramdas closed both his eyes after listening to all the words of Brahmin. After that Ramdas with folded hands requested Ganga Maa to save the Brahmin. After a minute, Ramdas put his hand in a bucket placed in front of him and took out a similar bracelet.

Brahmin was surprised to see this. The king’s soldiers following him were also stunned to see this miracle. Seeing all this, he went straight to the king and told him everything.

Here the Brahmin also left the palace after saying thanks to Ramdas with the bracelet. As soon as he reached there, the Brahmin gave the bracelet to the king. The king did not ask her anything and silently took the bracelet.

After taking the bracelet, the king himself went to Ramdas’s shop with his soldiers and rewarded Ramdas for his devotion to Mother Ganga.

Moral Of The Story – Man cannot achieve anything just by showing off. Devotio and respect should all be from the heart.


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