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Kids Stories Bedtime


Kids Stories Bedtime


Story Of The Fairy With Blue Eyes – Years ago, the kingdom of Bhania was ruled by King Karna. The king’s heart was very pure. He used to donate to the people on every festival day. This year too, on the occasion of a festival, there was a crowd of people taking donations in the palace. The king donated generously to everyone.

At last, bowing her waist, a woman reached the king to collect the donation. But, by then the king had nothing left to donate. The king immediately took out the diamond necklace from his neck and gave it to the woman. The woman went away after blessing the king by turning her hand on his head.

The next day the king was sitting in his garden thinking that there is a lack of a son in his life. God gave me everything but I don’t know why didn’t you give me the happiness of a son. That’s why a mango fell into the king’s lap. The king started looking here and there. It occurred to him that how did this mango come in my lap?

Then after some time, he saw many fairies. Out of all those fairies, a blue-eyed fairy came in front of the king and said to give this mango to his wife. This mango will give you a son. Your wife will become a mother only after nine months of eating this.

Well, you don’t have the happiness of a son in your destiny, but you are pure in heart and very charitable, and that’s why you have got this happiness. You will get this happiness only for 21 years. As soon as your son gets married, he will die.

The king sadly asked the blue-eyed fairy, “Is there no solution?”

The angel said, “Rajan! Yesterday I came to your court in the form of a simple woman bowing down to receive charity. Look, the garland you gave me is on my neck. I have come to bless you with a son because of this work of yours and the spirit of helping others.

“But, your son will not live beyond 21 years. Still, you put him in a chest as soon as he dies. After that put four pots of curd in the box and leave it in the middle of the forest. Saying this, the blue-eyed angel disappeared from there.

The king went to the palace and told everything to his wife Maitri and gave her mangoes to eat. The king’s wife gave birth to a son exactly nine months after eating mangoes. In the joy of having a son, the king organized a big celebration. After the celebration, the son was named Dev.

By that time, Rajkumar Dev age became 21 years. Proposals for her marriage started pouring in. The king got his son married to Vatsala, an intelligent girl. A few days after the marriage, the words of the blue-eyed fairy came true and the king’s son Dev died.

The king and queen had forgotten about the blue-eyed fairy. When the king started moving towards the crematorium with the people for the last rites of Dev, the king remembered the words of the fairy. Immediately the king asked everyone to bring a big box and four curd pots.

As soon as the box arrived, the king put his son in it with a heavy heart and also kept four pitchers of curd. After that, with the help of his soldiers, the king placed the pitcher in the middle of the dense forest. After returning from there, the king’s mind was not engaged in any work. After some time Dev’s wife went to her maternal home.

Time passed and it was a year since the death of Dev. An old man reached the house of Dev’s wife Vatsala asking for food. He fed him with great love. After eating the food, the beggar opened the fist of the other hand to wash his hand. Only then Vatsala saw the gold chain of her husband Dev in that fist.

Vatsala immediately asked the beggar, “Where did you get this chain from? It belongs to my husband, who was kept in a box in the middle of the forest. The beggar said fearfully, “Yes, I have taken out this chain from the same chest.” Vatsala said, “Don’t be afraid! I just want to go to the forest where my husband’s chest is kept.”

The beggar said, “That is a terrible forest, I will not be able to take you there. Yes, if you want, I can take you a little distance from that box and leave.

Vatsala quickly reached the forest with the beggar. The beggar left from there even before the dense forest. Then Vatsala set out alone to find her husband’s chest. Going there he saw strange things. There were many fairies near that box. Vatsala started watching him hiding behind the tree.

Vatsala saw that a blue-eyed fairy came from among all the fairies and placed a stick in the box near the head and one near the leg of the dead body of the deity. Then the god came out of the box. The fairies fed sweets to Dev and changed the position of the woods by putting them again inside the box.

Every night, the blue-eyed fairy used to take Dev out of the box like this and then send him back. Fearing Vatsala kept watching all this for three to four days after eating fruits in the same forest.

One day Vatsala also changed the position of the wood just like the blue-eyed fairy by opening the box. Then the god came out of the box. As soon as Dev saw his wife, he was surprised.

Dev was saying something when suddenly Vatsala said, “I will not let you stay in this condition in this forest. You have to come with me.”

Dev explained to Vatsala, “I came into this world only because of the blue-eyed fairy. I cannot go anywhere without his permission. You take a pitcher kept in my chest with you and go to my kingdom. Hiding there You will have a son after nine months, then I will come to meet you. Now you change the position of the wood and let me go in the box as before.

Vatsala did as her husband said. First sent the husband in the box. Then she reached the palace after changing her form with a pitcher of curd and sent a letter to the queen asking for a place to stay. The queen out of pity gave him a room near the palace to stay in. When the queen came to know that she was pregnant, the queen also took care of her.

When Vatsala gave birth to the child, Dev came to meet her. At that time the queen was passing by, and she immediately recognized her son. Rani reached straight to Dev and started asking is this your wife? is this your son? you’re alive? Now I will not let you go anywhere.

Dev said, “Mother, I cannot come with you. There is only one solution for this. You have to hold a celebration for your grandson. You call all the fairies in it. When the fairies come, somehow remove the armlet of the blue-eyed fairy and burn it. After that ask for the boon of my life from the blue-eyed angel.

Saying this, Rajkumar Dev left from there. His mother bid him farewell with a sad heart. Within a few days, Queen Maitri organized a celebration as per the instructions of her son Dev and called all the fairies as well. Everyone was immersed in the celebration, then the grandson of Queen Maitri started crying. Seeing the crying child, the blue-eyed fairy took him in her arms.

Then Queen Maitri said to Pari, “Look, he has liked your armlet. That’s why he stopped crying as soon as he came near you. Would you mind letting her play with your armband for a while?”

The angel immediately gave her armlet to the child. Queen Maitri was waiting for this opportunity. He threw that armlet into the fire while saving everyone’s eyes.

The blue-eyed fairy looking at his burning armlet asked Queen Maitri, “What did you do? Now we will not be able to keep your son Dev with us in that forest.

On hearing this, Queen Maitri cried and prayed to the angel. He said, “By your grace, I had a son. Now you have to please return my son. I beg of you my son Dev.

The blue-eyed angel was moved by the mother’s love and blessed her. With the blessings of the fairy, Prince Dev came out of the box and returned home. The prince started living happily with his family.

Learning From The Story – Everyone’s heart can be won with humility and with patience and the right strategy, a person can complete even a difficult task.


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