Jackal And The Magic Drum ~ Bedtime Stories

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Jackal And The Magic Drum ~ Bedtime Stories


Jackal And The Magic Drum ~ Bedtime Stories


Once upon a time, there was a war between two kings near a forest. In that war one won and the other lost. A day after the war was over, there was a strong storm, due to which the drum played during the war rolled into the forest and got stuck near a tree. Whenever a strong wind blows and a branch of a tree falls on the drum, the sound of Dhamdham-Dhamdham starts coming.

In the same forest, a jackal was wandering here and there in search of food and suddenly his eyes fell on a rabbit eating carrots. The jackal moves cautiously to make its prey. When he pounces on the rabbit, the rabbit escapes with the carrot in its mouth. Somehow the jackal takes the carrot out of his mouth and moves forward, then he hears the loud sound of the drum. He gets scared hearing the sound of the drum and starts thinking that he has never heard such a sound from any animal before. The jackal goes to the place from where the sound of the drum was coming and tries to know whether the animal is about to fly or walk.

Then he goes near the drum and jumps to attack it, then there is a sound of a drum, hearing which the jackal jumps down and starts watching hiding behind the tree. After a few minutes, there is no response, he attacks the drum, again and again, and the sound of the drum comes and he again starts running by jumping from the drum, but this time he stops there and looks back. When there is no movement in the drum, he understands it is not an animal.

Then he jumps on the drum and starts playing the drum. This causes the drum to shake and also to roll, due to which the jackal falls from the drum, and the drum bursts in the middle. When the drum explodes, different types of delicious food come out of it, eating which the jackal calms his hunger.

Lesson learned from the story: The lesson learned from the story of Siyar and Dhol is that everything has a set time. We get what we want at the right time.


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