Honesty Is The Best Policy Story With Moral For Kids ( 1044 )

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Honesty Is The Best Policy Story With Moral For Kids


Honesty Is The Best Policy Story With Moral For Kids


A poor woodcutter named Ram lived in a small hut on the outskirts of a village. Ram would go to a nearby forest every single day to cut trees and would sell the wood to a wealthy merchant in order to earn his livelihood. Despite having no money, Ram was a very honest man.

One day, while Ram was cutting wood near a river, his axe slipped out of his hand and fell into the river. The river was quite deep, and his axe was his only means of earning money. He grew anxious. Ram worried about how he would feed his family without his axe, as woodcutting was the only skill he knew. He prayed for help, and suddenly, a miracle occurred. God appeared in front of him.

Ram’s prayers were sincere, and, therefore, God had appeared before him. He asked Ram about his problem, and Ram explained the entire episode. God then said that he would help Ram out. God then slipped his hands into the water and pulled out an axe made of silver. Seeing the shiny silver thing, Ram said that this was not his axe as his axe was made out of iron.

Then, God continued searching in the water and pulled out a golden axe and showed it to Ram. Even after seeing the shiny golden tool, Ram was not tempted and said it was not his axe and refused to accept it.

At last, God searched again and finally pulled out Ram’s iron axe, and Ram was finally relieved and said that the iron axe belonged to him and accepted it with elation. God was impressed after seeing Ram’s honesty. God was moved by Ram’s integrity and rewarded him with the golden and silver axes as a token of appreciation for being an honest man in this conniving world.

Ram was overwhelmed by God’s gift and accepted it with his whole heart. Thereafter, Ram was no more a poor man. He continued to live a content, happy and peaceful life as a woodcutter.

Story Summary


Let’s read the summary of the “Honesty Is The Best Policy” story for kids.

Many years ago, there lived a poor woodcutter in a village. Ram, the woodcutter had a strong faith in God and the blessings of hard work. He earned his living by selling wood in the town. He used to work very hard to earn his bread and butter. One day, Ram was cutting some wood on the bank of a river. Unfortunately, his axe slipped from his hands and fell into the flowing water. The axe was Ram’s only source of earning his livelihood. He started praying to God to help him.

God was moved by Ram’s miserable condition and appeared in front of him. He approached the woodcutter and asked him the reason for his misery. The woodcutter sobbed and narrated the whole story to God. God felt sorry for the woodcutter and promised to help him out.

The God first took out a silver and then a gold axe from the water. The woodcutter refused to take them as they were not his axe. Finally, God took out an iron axe and the woodcutter beamed with joy and thanked him. God was greatly impressed by his honesty and gave him all three tools as a reward for his honesty.


Moral Of The Story


The moral of the “Honesty Is The Best Policy” short story is the title itself “honesty is the best policy.”

In this story, a woodcutter is an honest man who is not at all greedy, even when he is offered a silver and a gold axe. He only wished for his iron axe, which was the only source of his livelihood. Therefore, the story teaches us to be honest even in the most difficult situations.


How Can Children Apply The Moral Of The Story In Their Real Life?


The kids can apply the moral of this story in their real life by striving to be good and honest with people in their lives. We should be kind and grateful along with being honest towards other people in life. Parents should also teach children that telling the truth is better than lying, even when it is hard.


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