Heron And Crab ~ Bedtime Stories

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Heron And Crab ~ Bedtime Stories


Heron And Crab ~ Bedtime Stories


This is the story of a forest where a lazy heron used to live. He was so lazy that far from doing any work, he was too lazy to find food for himself. Due to this laziness of his, the heron had to starve many times for the whole day. Standing on one leg on the bank of the river, the heron used to think of ways to get food without any effort.

Once upon a time, the heron was planning something similar and got an idea. Immediately he got involved in making that plan a success. He stood in a corner on the bank of the river and started shedding tears. Seeing him crying like this, the crab came to him and asked him, “Hey heron brother, what is the matter? Why are you crying? After listening to him, the heron said crying, “What should I tell brother crab, I am very sorry for my actions. I don’t know how many fishes I have killed till date to satisfy my hunger. How selfish I was, but today I have realized this and have taken a vow that I will not hunt even a single fish again.

After listening to the heron, the crab said, “Hey, if you do this, you will starve to death.” To this the heron replied, “It is better to die hungry than to feed oneself by taking someone else’s life, brother. Anyway, I met Trikalin Baba yesterday and he told me that there will be a drought for 12 years in no time, due to which everyone will die. The crab went and told this to all the creatures of the pond.

“Okay,” asked the turtle living in the pond in astonishment, “then what is the solution?” On this Bagule Bhagat said, “There is a pond a few miles away from here. We all can go and live in that pond. The water there never dries up. I can leave each one sitting on my back and come there. All the animals became happy after hearing this.

From the next day the heron started carrying each and every creature on his back. He would take them away from the river and kill them by taking them to a rock. Many times he would take two creatures at a time and eat full stomach. The bones of those creatures had started piling up on that rock. Bagula used to think in his mind that how the world is also a fool. You got to my point so easily.

This went on for several days. One day the crab said to the heron, “Brother Heron, you take someone or the other with you everyday. When will my number come?” So the heron said, “Okay, let me take you today.” Saying this he made the crab sit on his back and flew away.

When both of them reached near that rock, the crab saw the bones of other creatures there and his mind raced. He immediately asked the heron whose bones were these and how far was the reservoir? Hearing this, the heron started laughing out loud and said, “There is no water body and these are all the bones of your companions, which I ate. Now your bones are also going to be included in all these bones.

On hearing this, the crab caught hold of the heron’s neck with its claws. The heron died in no time. After this, the crab went back to the river and told the whole thing to the rest of his companions. They all thanked the crab and cheered him.

Learning from the story – We learn from this story that we should not trust anyone blindly. One should act with restraint and wisdom even in times of trouble.


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