Best 70+ Funny Would You Rather Questions For Kids

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Best 70+ Funny Would You Rather Questions For Kids


Best 70+ Funny Would You Rather Questions For Kids


? Would you rather be the smartest person in the room or the funniest?

? Would you rather have a superpower that could save people’s lives and have nobody know who you are, or be famous for something that didn’t help anyone?

? Would you rather be invisible or be able to read people’s minds?

? Would you rather have five million social media followers and be unhappy, or be happy but have none?

? Would you rather never be able to tell a lie, or never be able, to tell the truth?

? Would you rather never be able to see your parents again but speak to them on the phone, or never be able to talk to your parents again, but be able to be with and hug them?

? Would you rather lose your sight and have super sensitive hearing or lose your hearing and have super sensitive eyesight?

? Would you rather have a successful podcast or a successful YouTube channel?

? Would you rather save the life of one thousand people you don’t know or the life of one person you do know?

? Would you rather commit a small crime that didn’t hurt anybody and go to jail for a year, or commit a crime where someone was hurt, but get away with it?

? Would you rather live alone in luxury, or with friends and family in poverty?

? Would you rather have nobody understand what you say, or not understand what other people say?

? Would you rather work a job you hate but be well paid, or be happy in your job but not be paid well?

? Would you rather be able to change the past or see into the future?

? Would you rather do a book report or a science project?

? Would you rather write a blockbuster movie or star in one?

? Would you rather go out every day in clothes your parents bought for you, or stay at home every day in the clothes you choose yourself?

? Would you rather be popular and have people think you were unattractive, or unpopular but have everyone think you were attractive?

? Would you rather have savings and few possessions or lots of things and very little money?

? Would you rather be cold or hungry?

? Would you rather have to dress up every day, or go everywhere in your pajamas?

? Would you rather live forever and be unhealthy, or be healthy your entire life, but die when you’re 50?

? Would you rather have your bestie end your friendship and be deliriously happy, or stay friends with you but be unhappy?

? Would you rather be lost at sea alone, or with people you don’t know?

? Would you rather have a giant, pain-free spot on the end of your nose or a spot on your butt that nobody could see, but hurt when you sat down?

? Would you rather have flowers or vegetables growing out of the top of your head?

? Would you rather spend the day jumping like a kangaroo or waddling like a penguin?

? Would you rather have everyone call you “sausage” or nobody know your name?

? Would you rather paint everything in your room the same color, or have everything in your room a different color?

? Would you rather be woken up by someone screaming in your ear or slapping you in the face with a fish?

? Would you rather shave all the hair off of your head, or shave off your eyebrows?

? Would you rather be your best friend’s cat or your cat’s best friend?

? Would you rather watch any movie you like in slow motion, or only watch movies other people choose but at regular speed?

? Would you rather bump into a dinosaur or an alien?

? Would you rather end every sentence by saying “Without my pants” or start every sentence by saying, “Quiet, your leader is speaking”?

? Would you rather spend the night with a skunk in your bed or the day with a stink bug on your shoulder?

? Would you rather be a parrot who only says rude words or a parrot that cannot talk at all?

? Would you rather have your teacher wear the same clothes as you every day, or wear the same clothes as your teacher once a week?

? Would you rather be a unicorn or a sasquatch?

? Would you rather sound like a Minion or dress like one?

? Would you rather have birds nesting on your head, or a mouse living in your belly button?

? Would you rather have your teacher come to your home every night for dinner or your parents come to school every day for lunch?

? Would you rather be friends with a zombie or a ghost?

? Would you rather wake up in a beehive or wake up in your bed, full of bees?

? Would you rather use giant utensils to eat every meal or miniature ones?

? Would you rather live in a pond with some frogs, or live in a tree with some squirrels?

? Would you rather own a hotel for spiders or a hospital for sick cats?

? Would you rather have hands for feet or feet for hands?

? Would you rather give a round of applause every time someone else passed wind, or have everyone around you give a round of applause when you pass wind?

? Would you rather smell like marshmallows and have everyone try to lick you for a taste, or smell like a wet dog and have everyone avoid you?

? Would you rather eat cookies that taste like vegetables or vegetables that taste like cookies?

? Would you rather have a drink that smelled bad or one that was lumpy?

? Would you rather choose what you ate every day, but have to cook it yourself, or have your food delivered every day, but you don’t get to choose it?

? Would you rather only eat food that was undercooked, or only eat food that was burned?

? Would you rather eat a mayo sandwich or drink a cheese smoothie?

? Would you rather share every meal with friends but have them eat with your fork, or eat alone?

? Would you rather eat one food for the rest of your life and never be hungry, or eat a variety of food but never be full?

? Would you rather eat hot dogs with frosting or cupcakes with gravy?

? Would you rather have to eat small amounts of food all day or only be able to eat one large meal a day?

? Would you rather eat soup with your hands or rice with a toothpick?

? Would you rather eat candy until you threw up or never eat candy again?

? Would you rather give up ice cream forever or eat garlic ice cream every day for a year?

? Would you rather eat banana mac ‘n’ cheese or mac ‘n’ cheese bread?

? Would you rather cook badly but be able to use foods you like or cook really well, but only be able to use foods you don’t care for?

? Would you rather eat from a bowl like a cat or drink from a bottle like a hamster?

? Would you rather have a chocolate chip hamburger or a cookie in a bun with lettuce, tomato, and pickles?

? Would you rather dribble down your front every time you take a drink or have food come out your nose every time you eat?

? Would you rather have to eat every meal in under five minutes or have to make each meal last an hour?

? Would you rather have a llama lick the plate you were eating from, or have a monkey stick their fingers in your food?

? Would you rather eat at home for the rest of your life or eat fast food for the rest of your life?

? Would you rather have to eat a small can of dog food every day, or six small cans of dog food once a week?

? Would you rather have breakfast for every meal, or dinner for every meal?

? Would you rather eat food off of your friend’s head, or have them eat food off of yours?

? Would you rather burn your tongue or have a brain freeze?

? Would you rather only eat food made into sandwiches, or only eat food made into stews?

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