Best 2023 Funny Stories For Kids

Funny Stories For Kids


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Funny Stories For Kids


Funny Stories For Kids


A long time ago, in a forest on the banks of the Ganges, there lived four friends, the hare, the jackal, the monkey, and the beaver. All these friends had only one desire, to become the biggest donor. One day all four decided together that they would find and bring something that they could donate. All four friends left their homes to make the ultimate donation.

The beaver brought seven red-colored fish from the banks of the Ganges. The jackal brought a pot full of curd and a piece of meat. After that, the monkey brought bunches of mangoes from the garden. The day was about to set, but the rabbit did not understand anything. He thought that if he donates grass, he will not get any benefit from the donation. Thinking this, the rabbit went back empty-handed.

Seeing the rabbit returning empty-handed, the three friends asked him, “Hey! what will you donate By donating today itself, you will get the benefit of a great donation, don’t you know? The rabbit said, “Yes, I know, so today I have decided to donate myself.” All the rabbit’s friends were surprised to hear this. As soon as the news of this reached Lord Indra, he came directly to the earth.

Indra disguised as a sage reached the four friends. First jackal, monkey, and beaver donated. Then Indra Devta reached near the rabbit and said what will you donate. The rabbit told that he is donating himself. On hearing this, Indra Dev lit a fire there with his power and asked the rabbit to fit inside it.

The rabbit courageously entered the fire. Indra was surprised to see this. It occurred to him that the rabbit is indeed a great donor and Indra Dev was very happy to see this. On the other hand, the rabbit was standing safe even in the fire. Then Indra Dev said, “I was testing you. This fire is elusive, so it will not harm you.

After saying this, Indra Dev blessed the rabbit and said, “The whole world will always remember this donation of yours. I will mark your body on the moon. As soon as he said this, Indra Dev crushed a mountain on the moon and made the mark of a rabbit. Since then it is believed that there is a rabbit’s mark on the moon and similarly, without reaching the moon, the rabbit’s mark reached the moon.

Lesson learned from the story: To do any work, it is necessary to have strong power.


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