Best 10 Fun Indoor Games For Kids Of All Ages

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Best 10 Fun Indoor Games For Kids Of All Ages


Best 10 Fun Indoor Games For Kids Of All Ages


1 – Potato Penguins

Materials: A large potato, or fake potato, for each player


  1. Designate a start point and a finish point.
  2. Players line up at the start and hold a potato between their knees.
  3. Players then waddle like a penguin to the finish point, without dropping their potatoes.
  4. The first across the finish line wins.


  1. Use a stuffed toy, balloon, or other objects.
  2. Set out an obstacle course between the start and finish lines.

2 – Sardines

Materials: Just the players.


  1. One player is “it” and must hide, in the same way as you would in Hide and Seek.
  2. The other players must try to find “it.”
  3. When someone finds “it,” they hide with them.
  4. The game continues until there is only one person still looking and that person becomes “it.”

3 – Hunt Against The Timer

Materials: None, but a basket is helpful for smaller children.


  1. One player chooses a color and sets a timer.
  2. Everyone races to find items of that color and bring them back to the starting point.
  3. If the timer goes off before you return, you’re out.
  4. Once you return to the starting point you cannot leave.
  5. The winner is the person who returns to the start with the most items before the timer goes off.


  1. Instead of choosing a color, choose a letter or other common distinguisher.
  2. Allow players to steal items from other players. If they steal without being caught, they can keep the item. If they’re caught, they have to give the other player one of their items.

4 – Grandma’s Footsteps

Materials: Players.


  1. One player is Grandma and stands with their back to the other kids.
  2. The other kids try to sneak up on Grandma, touching the wall next to her to win.
  3. Grandma can turn around at any moment and the others must freeze.
  4. If Grandma sees someone move, that person is out.
  5. The last person creeping forward or the first person to touch the wall wins.

5 – Egg Jousting

Materials: Three hard-boiled eggs in their shells for each player.


  1. Pre-boil an egg for each player and ensure they are cold before playing.
  2. Each player takes an egg and they begin by gently tapping the narrow ends of their eggs together.
  3. When one egg cracks, the players flip their eggs and bang the wide ends together.
  4. The first player to have their egg cracked is out and the winner gets a new egg.
  5. Keep going until only one person is left.
  6. Use the eggs for sandwiches.

6 – Zingo

Materials: Zingo Game.


  1. Each player takes a Zingo card.
  2. Players take turns sliding the Zingo Zinger device to expose two tiles.
  3. If a player sees a tile that matches an item on their card, they call out.
  4. The first to call out wins the tile and puts it on their card.
  5. The first player to fill their card wins.


  1. Other Zingo games are available, such as Zingo Number Bingo.

7 – What’s The Time, Mr. Wolf?

Materials: All you need are the players.


  1. One player, Mr. Wolf, stands at the end of the room with their back to everyone.
  2. The other players line up at the opposite end of the room. Together, they call out “What’s The Time, Mr. Wolf?”
  3. Mr. Wolf turns around and tells them a time. As he turns back around, the players take as many steps as the time is. So, if he says it is one o’clock, they take one step.
  4. Mr. Wolf turns his back again, and the kids ask the time again. This time the wolf says another hour for the time and the players take the corresponding number of steps.
  5. This carries on until either a child wins by touching Mr. Wolf on the back or Mr. Wolf replies by saying “Dinner time” instead of an hour and chases the other players.
  6. The player who is caught becomes Mr. Wolf.

8 – Go Fish

Materials: A pack of cards or a Go Fish Deck.


  1. Deal six cards to each of the players.
  2. Players look at their cards and place any pairs they have to face down on the table.
  3. The first player asks any other player, “Do you have a ……,” asking for a card that will make a pair with another card they already hold.
  4. If the answer is yes, the answering player must hand over the card. The asking player then puts their pair face down on the table and goes again.
  5. If the answer is no, the answering player says, “Go Fish,” and the player who asked takes another card from the deck.
  6. The player to the left then takes a turn.
  7. The first player to put down all of their cards wins.


  1. Keep playing until only one person is left.

9 – Skippyroo Kangaroo

Materials: Players who know each other’s names.


  1. The players sit in a circle on the floor and one child sits in the middle.
  2. The child in the middle squats down like a kangaroo and closes their eyes.
  3. Players in the circle say, “Skippyroo, kangaroo, dozing in the midday sun, here comes a hunter, run, run, run.”
  4. An adult points to one child who has to touch Skippyroo on the shoulder and says, “Guess who caught you, Skippyroo?”
  5. The child in the center has to guess who has caught them.
  6. If they guess correctly, that person sits in the center and becomes Skippyroo.

10 – Dots And Boxes

Materials: Pen and paper or Dots And Boxes sheets.


  1. Draw even rows of dots on the paper.
  2. Player one draws a line between two dots.
  3. Player two then does the same.
  4. When a player can draw a line between two dots to make a box, they put their initials in the box and take another go.
  5. The player with the most initial boxes wins.


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