Free Kids Stories 2023

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Free Kids Stories


Free Kids Stories


The Story of the Naughty Fairy and the Magical Cave Once upon a time there was a very mischievous fairy. She wanted to see the whole world. Thinking of this she got separated from all her people. Every day she used to travel far and wide and see new people and new worlds. One day she reached a house flying. There she hid near the window. He saw that a boy in that house was insisting to his mother that he wanted to see an angel.

His mother was explaining to him that fairies live only in the sky. You can see them when the sky is completely clear. It’s night now, go to sleep and see the angel in the morning when the sky is clear.

After listening to his mother, the boy starts sleeping, but he cannot sleep. Then he sees a mischievous fairy at the window. He brings her inside the house. He saw that the naughty angel was very small. Both start playing together. The mischievous fairy was showing him her magic and the boy too would dance happily.

That’s why his mother starts coming there after hearing such noise in the boy’s room. The boy tells the naughty fairy that now you have to leave here. My mother is coming. After listening to the boy, the mischievous fairy flies away from there and the boy starts pretending to sleep quietly.

When the mother opened the door, she saw that her son was sleeping. She thought she must have had some confusion and she also went to sleep in her room.

Moral Of The Story – Everyone has a mischievous and mischievous side hidden in them. Be it a child or a grown man.

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