Fourteenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Fourteenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Fourteenth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


Once again, King Vikramaditya, taking Betal off the tree and carrying it on his shoulder, starts moving towards the Yogi. Meanwhile, Betal again tells a new story to the king and the condition is the same, if the king opens his mouth, he will fly away and even after knowing the answer, he will behead the king. Betal tells the king…

Many years ago, a king named Veerketu used to rule in the city of Ayodhya. A moneylender also lived in the same state. The name of the rich moneylender was Ratnadatta. He had only one beautiful daughter, Ratnavati. Many relationships came for Ratnavati, but she did not say yes to marry anyone. Because of this his father was very upset. Ratnavati wanted not only handsome and rich but intelligent and strong groom.

Another Ratnavati’s father was upset with his daughter. On the other hand, thefts had started in the city, due to which Ratnadatta used to fear all the time that thieves might take away all the money from his house. Meanwhile, Ratnavati meets the thief. Ratnavati used to take great pleasure in plucking fruits from people’s houses and eating them. The thief teaches Ratnavati to steal mangoes. The girl is very impressed with him and starts meeting him everyday. Over time, she falls in love with the thief.

Here, the thief used to go out to steal everyday after meeting Ratnavati. On the other hand, troubled by the increasing thefts in Ayodhya, the king scolded all the ministers and watchmen and said, “Thefts are happening everyday in the city, but neither any watchman is able to catch them nor any minister is able to plan to catch them. Used to be.” After this the king himself decided to catch the thief. The king started roaming around the city every night to catch the thief.

One day the king saw someone jumping into the house at night. When the king got suspicious, he also followed him. As soon as the king reached there, the thief saw him and said, “Hey! I used to think that I am the only thief here. You have also come here with the intention of stealing.

The king doesn’t say anything. After this the thief says, “You have also come with the intention of stealing and so have I. So you don’t need to be afraid of me. You are my friend in a way.” The thief then invites King Veerketu to his home. Hearing the request of the thief, the king goes with him.

The thief takes them to his cave, where he had hidden all the stolen money. King Veerketu was surprised to see so much wealth and facilities present in the cave. After some time the king asked the thief, “You have collected so much money. You are not afraid to steal. The thief laughs out loud and says, “Nobody in the king’s army is brave, nor are they doing their work honestly.

If even a person had done his work honestly, then it would not have been so difficult to catch me. A thief has overpowered the entire army of the king. There is no warrior there. On hearing this, the king took out his sword and fought with the thief and made him his prisoner.

The thief was surprised. After some time he realized that the king had been with him in disguise for so long. King Veerketu takes him with him to the palace and sentences him to be hanged. As soon as it is announced that the thief has been caught and is about to be hanged, Ratnavati gets upset. He came to know that the one who was stealing in the state, taught him to steal mangoes.

Distressed, Ratnavati tells her father Ratnadatta, “Father, the man whom I had secretly accepted as my husband, has been caught by the king and is about to be hanged. You do something. Ratnadatta does not understand his daughter’s words. She then tells her father about the thief and their meeting in detail and says that she cannot live without him.

Ratnadutt tries to pacify his daughter. When the daughter does not agree, he is forced to go to the king. He tells the king that his daughter Ratnavati is deeply in love with the thief. If she is hanged, she will also give up her life. The merchant offers to give the gold coins and all the money stolen by the thief to the king for the sake of his daughter, but the king does not listen to him. Ratnavati reaches the palace after some time. She also urges the king, but the king does not listen to anyone and asks the executioner to hang the thief quickly.

As soon as the thief is about to be hanged, he first cries and then starts laughing loudly. As soon as that thief is hanged, the girl also tries to give up her life. At that time there is Akashvani. God says to Ratnavati, “O daughter! Your love is very pure.

We are very happy to see this love of yours. You ask, whatever you want. Hearing this, Ratnavati said, “My father has no son, you bless him that he may have a hundred sons.” Once again, the oracle says, “It will be so, but you can ask for some other boon.” Then Ratnavati says, “I love that thief very much, if possible, you bring him back to life.” The thief becomes alive again as soon as he asks for a boon from Ratnavati.

Here, seeing all this, the king gets very surprised. On the other hand, the thief cries once again after being alive and then starts laughing loudly. Meanwhile, the king says to the thief, “If you promise to follow the right path, I am ready to declare you the commander of the kingdom”. The thief happily says yes.

Betal becomes silent as soon as he tells such a story. Then asks Vikramaditya, “O king! Tell me, why did that thief cry first while being hanged and after being alive and then started laughing. The king replied, “Listen Betal, the thief felt sad that he had only stolen in his life, yet such a beautiful girl was ready to die for him.

Then laughed because he thought, such a girl whom even the prince wanted to marry, she also fell in love with a thief. After being resurrected, he cried on getting a new life and was happy seeing the play of God. Once again after getting the correct answer, Betal flew and hanged from the tree.

By following the path of truth and hard work, one can overcome one’s past bad deeds.

Learning from the story: The first lesson is that there is great power in love. The second lesson is that choosing the right person in life can save you a lot of trouble.

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