Fools And Swindlers ~ Bedtime Stories

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Fools And Swindlers ~ Bedtime Stories


Fools And Swindlers ~ Bedtime Stories


Once upon a time, a sage Baba used to live in a village. He was the only monk in the whole village, who used to get something or the other in charity from the whole village. In the greed of charity, he did not allow any other monk to stay in the village and if someone used to come, he used to chase him away from the village in any way. In this way a lot of money was accumulated with him.

On the other hand, a thug was eyeing Sadhu Baba’s money for many days. He wanted to grab that money by any means. He made a plan and disguised himself as a student and reached the monk. He urged the monk to make him his disciple.

At first the monk refused, but then after a while he agreed and made the thug his disciple. The thug started living in the temple along with the monk and started serving the monk as well as taking care of the temple.

The swindler’s service made the monk happy, but still he could not fully trust the swindler.

One day the monk got an invitation from another village and he agreed to go with the disciple. The monk also tied his money in his bundle. On the way they found a river. The hermit thought why not take a bath in the river before entering the village. The monk hid his money in a blanket and went towards the river asking the thug to take care of it.

The thug’s happiness knew no bounds. He got the opportunity he was looking for. As soon as the monk took a dip in the river, the thug ran away with all the belongings. As soon as the monk returned, he could neither find the disciple nor his belongings. Seeing all this, the sage held his head.

Learning from the story – We learn from this story that one should never be greedy and should never believe anyone’s smooth talk.


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