Fighting Goats And Jackals ~ Bedtime Stories

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Fighting Goats And Jackals ~ Bedtime Stories


Fighting Goats And Jackals ~ Bedtime Stories


It was a long time ago. In a forest, there was a fight between two goats over some issue. A monk passing by was watching this quarrel. In no time, the quarrel between the two goats increased so much that both started fighting with each other.

At the same time a jackal also passed from there. He was very hungry. When he saw the two goats fighting, his mouth watered.

The fight between the goats had increased so much that both had bled each other, but still they were not giving up fighting. Both the goats had started bleeding. When the hungry jackal looked at the blood spread on the ground, he started licking it and slowly started coming closer to him. His hunger had increased even more. It came to his mind that why not kill both the goats and satisfy his hunger.

There, the monk standing far away was watching all this. When he saw the jackal going between the two goats, he thought that if the jackal went closer to these two goats, he might get hurt. Even his life may be lost.

The monk was still thinking that the jackal reached between the two goats. As soon as the goats saw him coming near them, both of them stopped fighting and attacked him. Due to the sudden attack, the jackal could not control himself and got injured. He somehow escaped from there after saving his life.

Seeing the jackal running away, the goats also stopped fighting and returned to their homes. At the same time, the monk also went towards his house.

Learning from the story: We learn from this story that one should never be greedy. At the same time, we should not jump into the fight of others, it only harms us.


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