Fifteenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Fifteenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Fifteenth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


Like every time, King Vikramaditya again pulls Betal off the tree and proceeds to take him to the yogi. This time also Betal tells a new story to the king. Betal says…

Years ago, there used to be the rule of King Yashketu in a city named Shivpur in Nepal. He was very courageous and strong. After years of marriage, he had a daughter Shashiprabha with wife Chandraprabha. In course of time the daughter grew up, whose beauty was discussed everywhere. One day the king went to see the spring festival with his wife and daughter. Manaswami, the son of a rich Brahmin also came to the same festival. As soon as he saw Shashiprabha, the king’s daughter at the spring festival, he fell in love with her at first sight.

Meanwhile, an elephant started running fast towards the princess. All the soldiers deployed in the protection of Shashiprabha ran away fearing the drunken elephant. As soon as the Brahmin’s son Manaswami saw the elephant moving towards the princess, he saved her by risking his life. Seeing all this, the princess fell in love with the Brahmin youth. Everyone praised the Brahmin youth and both returned to their respective homes after the spring festival.

Shashiprabha was in bad condition in the palace. She started getting lost in the memory of the Brahmin who saved her life. On the other hand the Brahmin youth was also anxious to meet Shashiprabha again. Thinking how to meet the princess, he reached to a perfect man. Manaswami told him the whole condition of his mind. Siddha Purush made two bullets on the strength of Siddhi. He gave a bullet to the Brahmin youth to keep in his mouth. The young man became a beautiful girl as soon as he put the bullet in his mouth. The Siddha Purush kept the second bullet with him and he came in the disguise of an old Brahmin.

Then directly reached the palace with the perfect man, Manaswami. He said to the king, “Look, this is my son’s future wife. Keep it in the palace for a few days, because I have to go on pilgrimage. I think it will be no where more secure than the Rajmahal. The king thought that if he refuses, then this perfect man can also curse. The king said, “O Brahmin! You go, your son’s future wife will be safe with us. She will be with my daughter like her friend.

After hearing this the Siddha Purush left from there and Manaswami started living with Shashiprabha in the guise of a girl. Being her friend, he used to talk a lot with the princess. Taking a chance one day, Manaswamy asked her, “Why are you so sad all the time? To whom do your eyes search all the time? On hearing this, the princess told the incident that happened on the day of Basant Utsav and said, “That Brahmin youth has come to my mind. I do not know his name, nor the city. I always think about how I will meet her.

Manaswamy, who was present in the disguise of a woman, was very happy after knowing the whole matter of Shashiprabha’s mind. She said to the princess, “Sakhi, I can introduce you to that Brahmin youth.” On hearing this, Sishprabha, restless in love, said, “Tell me how? Do you know him? Then Manaswamy said, “You close your eyes quickly.” As soon as he closed his eyes, the Brahmin youth quickly took out the bullet from his mouth and came back in the disguise of a boy. Manaswamy called Shashiprabha with great love. She was very happy to hear the young man’s voice and happily embraced him.

The princess asked him, “Hey! Where is my friend? On hearing this, Manaswami told the whole thing and after putting the bullet in his mouth, he became a woman again. The princess was stunned to see all this and was very happy in her heart. At the same time, both of them considered each other as husband and wife and started living together in Raj Bhavan.

One day the eyes of the king’s minister’s son fell on Manaswamy. Seeing the feminine form of the Brahmin youth, he became crazy about her. After a few days he told him his mind, but Manaswami refused. He said, “She belongs to someone else.” On hearing this, the minister’s son got upset. He told the whole thing to his father. Seeing the son sad, the minister told everything to the king. After listening to the words of the minister, the king decided to marry the minister’s son and Manaswami who had assumed the form of a woman.

After hearing this order of the king, Manaswami said, “Maharaj! You know, I’m going to be married to someone else. To do so would be unrighteous. Even then if you want to get me married, then I will do this marriage by obeying the king’s order. The king was very happy and got both of them married. As soon as the marriage took place, Manaswami said to the minister’s son, “Because of your stubbornness, I got married with you, otherwise I had come to this kingdom to marry someone else. Now you have to go for pilgrimage to wash away this sin. A minister’s son who is madly in love does the same.

One day a perfect man again reaches the palace in the guise of a Brahmin. This time he brings a friend with him after making him young and making him his son. The Brahmin asks the king, “Where is my daughter-in-law, I want to take her with me and get my son married to her.” On hearing this, the king told the whole story to him. The perfect man got very angry.

The king said to avoid his curse, “Look, what has happened now cannot be changed. Yes, I can definitely get your son married to my daughter. On hearing this, Siddha Purush agreed to the king’s words and the king got his daughter Shashiprabha married to Siddha Purush’s friend, who had reached the palace as his son, considering Agni as a witness. Meanwhile, Manaswamy reaches there in his real disguise i.e. male form and introduces Shashiprabha as his wife.

On hearing this, Betal stopped telling the story. He said, “Rajan now you tell, whose wife is Shashiprabha?” Vikramaditya did not give any answer. Angry Betal said, “Will you answer or I will behead your neck.” After thinking for a while, Vikramaditya says, “Shashiprabha is the wife of the boy whom he married with Agni as a witness. Manaswamy was living in disguise in the house and used to secretly meet Shashiprabha. Hearing this answer, Betal said, “You have given the correct answer, now that you have given the correct answer, I will fly again, Rajan.” Having said this, Betal once again goes to the tree and hangs upside down.

Moral of the story: Attempts made by deceit lead to failure.

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