English Moral Story 2023

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English Moral Story


English Moral Story


Story Of The Monk And The Mouse


It occurred a long time ago. In a village, a monk used to live in a temple. His daily routine was to worship the Lord and preach religion to the people coming and going. Whenever the villagers used to come to the temple, they used to donate something or the other to the monk. Therefore, there was no dearth of food and clothing for the monk. Every day after taking food, the monk used to keep the leftover food in the sneeze and hang it from the ceiling.

Time was passing smoothly like this, but now a strange incident started happening with the monk. The food that he used to sneeze, used to disappear. The monk got upset and decided to find out about this. He hid behind the door at night and saw a small mouse taking out his food. On the second day, they raised the sneeze higher so that the rat could not reach it, but this solution also did not work. He saw that the rat used to jump higher and climb on the sneeze and take out the food. Now the monk was getting troubled by the rat.

One day a monk came to that temple. He saw the sadhu upset and asked the reason for his trouble, then the sadhu told the whole story to the beggar. The monk told the monk that first of all it should be found out where the power of jumping so high in the rat comes from.

The same night, both the monk and the sage together wanted to find out where the rat takes the food.

Both secretly followed the mouse and saw that the mouse had made its hole behind the temple. After the rat left, they dug the hole and saw that there was a huge store of food and drink in the rat’s hole. Then the monk said that because of this only the mouse has the power to jump so high. He took out that material and distributed it among the poor.

When the mouse came back, he found everything there empty, so he lost all his confidence. He thought that he would collect food and drink again. Thinking of this, he jumped near the sneeze in the night, but due to a lack of self-confidence, he could not reach and the monk chased him away from there.

Learning from the story – Lack of resources leads to a lack of confidence. Therefore, whatever resources you have should be taken care of.


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