Eleventh Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Eleventh Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Eleventh Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


The cycle of Betal flying back to the tree and King Vikram catching him again continues. This time King Vikramaditya takes Betal down from the tree again. On the way, Betal says to the king, “The road is very long, let me tell you another story, listen to it carefully.” Betal tells..

Once upon a time, there used to be the rule of King Gunasekhar in the country named Gaur. The king was so strong that his fame spread to faraway states. That king had three beautiful daughters. All three were so gentle that the king was often worried about them.

The king’s eldest daughter was so soft that blisters would appear on her body just by the light of the moon. The second daughter used to get hurt and bleed even when something as delicate as a rose flower collided. As soon as the sound of someone walking or banging something reached the ears of the third daughter, her hands and feet used to get blisters.

Everyone used to be surprised to hear about his tenderness. Many princes even wanted to marry her, but would back down after knowing about her tenderness. The king started worrying about their marriage. He started feeling that how his soft daughters would be able to survive in this harsh world.

Then the king decided that he would keep the first daughter in the shade at all times, so that there would be no blisters on her body due to any kind of light. The king decided to keep the second daughter with light clothes and ornaments in a place where nothing would bump into her. Raj kept the third daughter in such a place where no one’s voice could reach her.

Meanwhile, the prince of a neighboring kingdom reached Gaur country after hearing about his tenderness. He first touched the princess’s face with a rose flower, which left scars on the princess’s face. The prince was surprised. He then asked the other princess to go out into the moonlit night, but when the princess refused, he took her to the window where the moonlight was shining. As soon as the moonlight fell on the princess, blisters appeared on her body.

The next day the prince asked everyone to grind the spice, hearing which the youngest princess fainted. After telling such a story, Betal became completely silent and asked King Vikram, “Your Majesty, tell me who is the most beautiful and soft among these three princesses and which princess will the prince marry.”

Even after hearing the question, King Vikramaditya did not give any answer. In anger, Betal said, “Rajan, even after knowing the answer, if you do not answer, then I will behead you with my speed.” After some time after hearing this, the king said, “The third princess is the sweetest, because without doing anything her hands and feet were getting blisters and she was fainting. She is soft not only in body but also in mind. That’s why the prince will marry the youngest princess.” As soon as the answer is received, Betal flies from the back of King Vikram and hangs on the tree again and the king runs after him towards the forest.

Moral of the story: One should keep his mind clear. Clear minded people recognize the sorrow of others.

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