Elephant And Goat Story ~ Bedtime Stories

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Elephant And Goat Story ~ Bedtime Stories


Elephant And Goat Story


An elephant and a goat lived in a forest. Both were very close friends. Together they searched for food every day and used to eat together. One day both of them went far away from their forest in search of food. There he saw a pond. There was a ber tree on the bank of the same pond.

The elephant and the goat were very happy to see the ber tree. They both went near the ber tree, then the elephant shook the ber tree with its trunk and lots of ripe berries started falling on the ground. The goat quickly started collecting the fallen berries.

Coincidentally there was also a bird’s nest on the same berry tree, in which a baby bird was sleeping and the bird had gone somewhere in search of grain. Due to the vigorous shaking of the ber tree, the baby bird fell out of the nest into the pond and started drowning.

Seeing the baby bird drowning, the goat jumped into the pond to save it, but the goat could not swim. Because of this she also started drowning in the pond.

Seeing the goat drowning, the elephant also jumped into the pond and saved both the baby bird and the goat from drowning.

Meanwhile, the bird had also come there and she was very happy to see her child safe and sound. He asked the elephant and the goat to stay near this pond and ber tree. Since then elephants and goats also started living under that berry tree along with the bird.

In a few days the baby bird grew up. The bird used to roam around the forest with her child and used to inform the elephant and the goat about the trees bearing fruits in the forest. In this way elephants, goats, and birds used to live and eat and drink happily.

learn from the story
We should not harm anyone. If someone is in trouble because of our mistake, then that mistake should be rectified and help each other by removing estrangement.


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