Eighth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Eighth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Eighth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


King Vikramaditya had tried many times to put Betal on his shoulder, but every time Betal would tell a story and Raj would escape from Vikramaditya’s hands. This time also Betan told a new story. Betal says…

Once upon a time, a Brahmin lived with his wife and three sons in a village in Angadesh. Once a Brahmin called his three sons and said that a turtle is needed for our pond. Tomorrow all three of you go to the sea and bring a turtle from there.

All three said yes and the next day all three went towards the sea after taking the blessings of their parents. There a big turtle was seen by all three, but none of the three was ready to pick it up. The eldest brother said, “I will not pick up the turtle, it smells very bad.” The second number’s brother said, “I won’t even pick it up, it smells bad to me too.” When it was the third brother’s turn, he said, “I can’t even lift it, I’m too soft.” A quarrel started between the three and the matter reached the Raj Darbar. The king said, “This type of case has come up for the first time in my life, I will do justice to it tomorrow morning. Today you are our guest, so have dinner and rest here only.

By saying this, the king invited all three for food. Everyone was eating food with great enthusiasm, but the eldest brother did not eat. When the king asked him, he said, “The rice smells of dead bodies burnt in the crematorium.” When the king inquired about this, he came to know that the rice had been brought from a field near a cremation ground. The king was very happy to see this.

Everyone sat down to listen to music in the evening after having food. Then the second brother requested the king that he wanted to play the mridang. As soon as he sat near the singer by the king’s order, he immediately stood up and sat away. When the king asked the reason for standing, the second brother said, “The singer smells like goat’s milk and I don’t like it.” When the king inquired about this, it was learned that the singer was given goat’s milk in her childhood. The king became happy once again. After this everyone went to sleep.

Both the brothers slept soundly, but the youngest brother could not sleep. The king ordered one of his servants to go and see whether all three were asleep or not. When the servant went, he saw that except the youngest brother, the rest were asleep. The servant gave this news to the king and the king himself reached the place where all three were sleeping to know the reason. Seeing the king, all three sat up. The king asked the youngest brother, “Why can’t you sleep?” Then he said, “I feel something stinging on this bed.”

Hearing this, the servant searched the beds of all three, but did not find anything. Then the youngest brother took apart all the beds and there was a hair. He took off his kurta, everyone saw that the mark of that hair was made on his back. The king was surprised and happy to see this.

The next day the king called all three for justice. He gave a reward to the youngest one and some gold coins to the other two. The king said, “All three of you have different qualities and I am very happy with all three of you. I will send my soldiers to send the tortoise to your house.

Having said this, Betal asked Vikram, “Tell me who was the most gentle among the three brothers?” Then Vikram said, “Youngest brother, because both the elder brothers may have pretended to be gentle, but the king himself saw how gentle the youngest brother is.” Hearing Vikram’s correct answer, Betal praised him and went back to the tree and hanged himself as per his condition.

Moral of the story: Never highlight those qualities which we do not have.

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