Eighteenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Eighteenth Story Of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Eighteenth Story Of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


Chasing Betal, King Vikramaditya reached near the Shippa tree and somehow carrying Betal on his shoulder started moving forward. As before, Betal Raasta being older starts narrating the story to Rajan. Betal says…

It was a matter of years ago, when King Mahasen used to rule in the city of Ujjain. A Brahmin lived in the same state, whose name was Vasudev. He had only one son, Gunakar. He was virtuous in name, but there was no virtue in him. He just used to gamble day and night. He would have lost all the money earned by his father in gambling. He also had two sisters. He didn’t even care about them. He was just busy playing day and night.

Seeing such a condition of his son, the Brahmin got very upset. One day Vasudev thought, whatever I earn, he spends it in gambling. Thinking this, he threw his son Gunkar out of the house. As soon as he left home, he reached another state. There he wandered around hungry and thirsty, neither did he get any work nor anything to eat. As this happened, one day he fainted.

A Siddha man passing by saw him, so he brought him with him to the cave. After regaining consciousness, Yogi asked the boy, “What will you eat?” The brahmin son says, “You are a yogi, you will be able to feed what you have. You might not have the food I want. On hearing this, the Yogi said, “You just tell me, what do you want to eat.”

After hearing this, Gunakar expressed his wish, on hearing which Yogi revealed his favorite plate with the help of his Siddhi.

The boy was surprised, first he ate the Khan and then asked the Siddha Purush, “How did you do this miracle.” Yogi didn’t say anything, just indicated to go inside. As soon as he went inside, he saw a big palace and maids. Everyone served him well and he slept comfortably.

After waking up, he asked the Siddha Purush the same question again. Yogi said, “What do you have to do with this, you stay here as a guest for a few days and enjoy the system.” The Brahmin son got stubborn and started saying that he also wants to achieve this achievement. Distressed, the Yogi told him the method and said that now go and do meditation with your heart.

After some time he comes after completing the meditation. Then the yogi says, “You are doing everything very correctly. This was the first stage that you have crossed. Now you have to move towards the second stage. He said, “I will do that, but before I start the second leg, I want to go home one more time.” Siddha Yogi said, “Go, definitely go.” Before leaving, the Brahmin’s son demanded a gift from the Yogi for his family.

Yogi gave him many gifts from his achievement. After that he demanded money, Siddha Purush gave him a lot of money on the basis of his knowledge. After that he asked for good clothes for himself, Yogi gave him that too.

When he reached his home with everything, all his family members were stunned to see the virtuous. Seeing the gifts and money he had brought with him, his Brahmin father asked, “Son, have you committed any theft, haven’t you?” Gunakar proudly said, “Father, I have got something, with the help of which I can now fulfill everyone’s wish.” His father advised Gunakar to be careful and not to be arrogant. After spending a few days at home, the virtuous again returned to the perfect man.

Returning there, he started his spiritual practice again. He started meditating with great passion. With time, the Brahmin’s son completed the second stage as well. After the completion of the stage, he also got that knowledge. As soon as he reached the Yogi after attaining knowledge, the Siddha Purush was very happy. He said to the virtuous, “You have now acquired knowledge, today you feed me some food.

I am hungry.” On hearing this, the Brahmin son was overjoyed and started reciting mantras in his mind to get the desired food with the help of Siddhi. It was late, but the food did not appear. He got very angry and started shouting, why is my Vidya not working. I have also achieved success, why am I not getting the result?

After telling this story, Betal became silent and started asking the king, tell me why he could not achieve success even after doing the whole method with so much heart. Vikramaditya says, Betal! The first reason, then, is that he went home even before attaining the knowledge. After that he wanted to acquire education because of greed. Things done out of greed never yield results. In order to achieve success, one has to work without greed.

Lesson learned from the story: We should never decide to acquire knowledge because of greed and if knowledge becomes egoistic, it will not work in time.

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