Early Story of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults

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Early Story of Vikram Betal – Bedtime Stories For Adults


Early Story of Vikram Betal - Bedtime Stories For Adults


The initial story of Vikram Betal is as follows. It occurred a long time ago. King Vikramaditya used to rule in the kingdom named Ujjayani. The discussions of King Vikramaditya’s justice, conscientiousness, and charity were famous all over the country. This was the reason that people from far and wide used to come to his court seeking justice. The king used to listen to the problems of the people in his court every day and redress them.

It’s just a matter of one day. The royal court was set up. Just then a monk comes to Vikramaditya’s court and leaves after giving fruit to the king. The king gives that fruit to the treasurer. From that day onwards that monk started coming to the king’s court every day. His daily work was that he would give fruits to the king and go quietly. The king also handed over the fruit given by the monk to the treasurer every day. Nearly 10 years have passed while doing this.

One day when the monk again comes to the king’s court and gives the fruit, this time the king does not give the fruit to the treasurer and gives it to a pet monkey child present there. This monkey belonged to a security guard, who gets released and suddenly comes to the king.

When the monkey breaks that fruit to eat, a precious gem comes out from the middle of that fruit. Seeing the brightness of that gem, all the people present in the royal court were surprised. Even the king is surprised to see this scene. The king asks the treasurer about all the fruits given by the monk earlier.

On the king’s question, the treasurer tells Maharaj, I have kept all those fruits safe in the royal treasury. I bring all those fruits now. After some time the treasurer comes and tells the king that all the fruits are rotten. Precious gems are left in their place. The king is very happy to hear this and hands over all the gems to the treasurer.

The next time the bhikkhu returns to Vikramaditya’s court with the fruit, the king says, “Bhikkhu, I will not accept your fruit until you tell me why you offer me such a precious gift every day?”

Hearing this from the king, the monk asked him to go to a lonely place. Taking him to solitude, the monk tells the king that he has to practice mantras and for that practice, he needs a brave man. Since I can’t find anyone braver than you, I give you this precious gift.

After listening to the monk, King Vikramaditya promises to help him. The monk then tells the king that on the next new moon night he must come to a nearby cremation ground, where he will prepare for chanting. Having said this, the monk leaves there.

As soon as the day of Amavasya comes, the king remembers the words of the monk and reaches the crematorium as promised. The monk is very happy to see the king. The monk says, “O Rajan, you have come here. I am very happy that you remember your promise. Now go east from here. A great crematorium will be found there. There is a huge rosewood tree in that great crematorium. A dead body is hanging on that tree. You have to bring that dead body to me. After listening to the monk, the king went straight to fetch the dead man.

After reaching the great crematorium, the king sees a dead body hanging on a huge rosewood tree. The king draws his sword and cuts the string tied to the tree. As soon as the thread is cut, the dead body falls on the ground and there is a loud scream.

Hearing the painful scream, the king feels that maybe it is not a dead person, but a living person. After a while, when the dead man starts laughing loudly and then hangs on the tree, Vikram understands that the dead man has been possessed by a betal. After a lot of effort, Vikram pulls Betal off the tree and hangs it on his shoulder.

On this Betal says to Vikram, “Vikram, I accept your courage. You are very mighty. I walk with you, but I have a condition that you will not speak anything all the way. Vikram nods his head and accepts Betal’s words.

After this Betal tells Vikram that the way is long, so to make this way exciting, let me tell you a story. So this was the beginning story of King Vikram, Yogi, and Betal in detail. From here begins the journey of 25 stories of Betal Pachisi, which Betal narrates to Vikram one by one. In this part of stories Vikram-Betal, you will get to read all the stories of Betal Pachisi together.

Moral of the story: A king should always be brave and mighty like Vikramaditya. Only then can he protect his subjects.


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