Cute Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend 2023

Cute Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend


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Cute Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend


Cute Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend


This heart-touching love story is of a girl named Pooja who used to prepare for banking while living in Patna.

Two years ago there was a girl named Puja who used to prepare for banking in a coaching class in Patna. There was a small restaurant below Puja’s coaching class. Pooja and her friends often used to go to that restaurant after class to have Chaat or Chhole Bhature as the restaurant’s chaat and Chhole Bhature were quite famous.

One day it was Puja’s birthday, so Puja’s friends made a plan that after the class was over, we would celebrate Puja’s birthday in the restaurant downstairs. After the class is over, Puja’s friends invite her down to the restaurant and surprise her for her birthday. Now everyone started celebrating their birthday together.

A 24-year-old boy used to work as a cashier at the counter of that restaurant. When Puja and her friends started going out of the restaurant after celebrating her birthday, the boy called out to Puja.

Boy:- Mam this is a small gift from us for your birthday.

Pooja :- Thank you

At night when Puja opened the gift given by that boy, she saw that there was a little princess inside who was sitting under a tree. And there was also a letter inside that gift, Puja read that letter. It was written in it, Pooja you are very innocent and lovely. Whenever you come to the restaurant, my eyes keep looking only at your face. Seeing your smile, a glow comes on my face too. By the way, my name is Rohit.

The next day when Puja and her friends came to the restaurant, Rohit sitting at the counter only looked at Puja but Puja turned her eyes away and started talking to her friends. Now whenever Puja used to come to the restaurant, she would take a glimpse at Rohit and then start ignoring him and something like this passed. Rohit wanted to talk to Puja but due to no response from Puja, Rohit too could not muster up the courage to talk.

One day when Puja comes to the restaurant after class, she sees that another boy is sitting at the counter instead of Rohit. Puja thinks Rohit might be unwell that’s why he didn’t come to work today. But a week passes by in no time. Now Puja starts getting a little upset and goes to the counter and asks where the boy named Rohit who used to work here, as he left the job.

The boy sitting at the counter tells Pooja that no, Rohit Bhaiya has not left the job, the owner has sent him to the restaurant in the market.

The next day when Pooja goes to the restaurant in that market and sees Rohit, a smile starts appearing on her face. Rohit immediately comes out of the counter after seeing Puja and says, ma’am, you and your friends didn’t come here?

Puja:- No, the matter is such that I had come to the market for some work and I was also a little hungry, so I came here.

Rohit:- Well done ma’am, you sit down, I will bring something for you.

Puja:- Your name is Rohit, isn’t it?

Rohit:- Yes

Puja:- I want to talk about something with you can you meet me tomorrow after class?

Rohit:- Ok Mam I will meet you tomorrow after class.

Both meet after the class is over. Pooja tells Rohit I like you, but I don’t want to fall in love with him, I have to look after my studies and career.

Rohit said, look ma’am, I will not do anything that will harm your studies, but what should I do? Now my heart wants to be with you for the rest of my life. Puja leaves there after listening to Rohit.

In the night, Puja was only thinking about Rohit because love for Rohit had also started rising in Puja’s heart.

The next day in the evening, Puja goes to the market restaurant and leaves after giving a letter to Rohit. When Rohit reads that letter, it is written in it, “Rohit I am also in love with you now” Rohit’s happiness knows no bounds after reading this, he kisses that letter and keeps it in his pocket. So thus begins Puja and Rohit’s love affair.

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