Best Cryptocurrency Coins To Buy || Top 3 Cryptos To Buy Now

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Best Cryptocurrency Coins To Buy || Top 3 Cryptos To Buy Now


Cryptocurrency Coins To Buy


Are You Excited?


Cryptocurrency Coins to Buy was an excellent investment for some people. Some profited from the dogecoin bull run like a rocket, some made billions from Ethereum, while unluckily, most people missed out on the decade’s largest bull runs.

But what if there would be a way to predict these moves ahead of time? What if you could learn about the top 3 coins to buy Now? If you’ve already thought about that, this is your lucky day because we’ll go over 3 of the greatest cryptocurrencies to invest in in the coming year in this post.


QNT (Quant)


QUANT network was formed in June to bridge the gap between networks and blockchain on a large scale. However, this is done without compromising the network’s efficiency or interoperability. More importantly, it is the first initiative to address interoperability difficulties by creating the first blockchain operating system. As of the time of writing this Quant price analysis, QNT trades at $180.23 with a market capitalization of $2.19 Billion and a trading volume of $34.5 Million.

Over the last few days, QNT has performed admirably. In addition, the QNT price is in a bullish trend. If the current trend continues, QNT might join the bulls in breaking through the $432 resistance mark and rising further higher to $500. Meanwhile, we have an optimistic long-term QNT price estimate. It has a good chance of scaling new heights.


VXV (Vectorspace AI)


Vector space AI is now trading at USD 4.84 and has a market cap of $188,169,115, putting it at number 312 on the list of the most valuable currencies. There is a total supply of 38,860,574 coins available.

VXV crypto has a lot of potential; with the right collaborations and improvements, might enhance the number of users and adoption. If the market focuses on Vectorspace AI as an investment, the price could rise. Cryptocurrency-coins-to-buy has the potential to reach a maximum value of $9.36. If the market falls, the VXV would likely turn around a little. The year 2022 will be expected to end with an average price of $8.25, with a low of $8.03 and a high of $9.36.


ALBT (Alliance Block)


With a 24-hour trading volume of USD 1,572,564, the current AllianceBlock price is USD 0.560371. In the last 24 hours, AllianceBlock has a market cap of USD 130,541,566, and its ranking in the CoinMarketCap is #392. There are 232,955,783 ALBT coins in circulation, with a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 ALBT coins.

You can generate a relatively accurate AllianceBlock price prediction for 3, 6, and 12 months ahead of time using trendlines, moving averages, support/resistance, and simple indicators like the RSI. In the coming months, we believe the price will be anywhere between $2 and USD $5.

It’s critical to consider risk and return when considering whether AllianceBlock (ALBT) is a good investment for you. We can forecast the price of ALBT in both the long and short future, but estimates for both must be fair. Based on the fundamentals of the AllianceBlock project and the work the Team is making toward its vision and objectives, we believe ALBT will value in the long run.




These are just the three best cryptos to buy right now in Australia among many others. You can easily invest in cryptocurrencies by creating an account and doing KYC on Binance. It is also listed on other Crypto exchange websites like CoinSpot, Kucoin, etc.


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