Crow And Evil Snake ~ Bedtime Stories

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Crow And Evil Snake ~ Bedtime Stories


Crow And Evil Snake ~ Bedtime Stories


Once upon a time. A pair of crows used to live on a tree in a forest. Both of them were living happily on that tree. One day a snake caught sight of his happiness. The snake started living in the hole made under the same tree on which the crows had a nest. Whenever a pair of crows went foraging, the snake would eat their eggs and when they returned, they would find the nest empty, but they could not find out who had taken the eggs.

Many days passed like this. One day a pair of crows came early after pecking at the grains, then they saw that a snake living in the bill was eating their eggs. After this, he made his nest by hiding at a high place on the tree. The snake saw that the pair of crows had left the earlier place, but both come back to the tree in the evening.

Thus many days passed. The children came out of the crow’s eggs and they started growing up. One day the snake came to know of their new nest and waited for the crows to leave. As the crows left the nest, the snake started moving towards their nest, but for some reason the pair of crows started returning back to the tree. They saw the snake going towards their nest from a distance and quickly reached there and hid their children in the cover of the tree.

The snake saw that the nest was empty, so he understood the trick of the crows and went back to the bill and waited for the right opportunity. Meanwhile, the crows made a plan to get rid of the snake. The crow flew away and went to a kingdom outside the forest. There was a beautiful palace. The princess was playing with her friends in the palace. The crow flew away with the pearl necklace from her neck. When everyone raised an alarm, the guards started chasing the crow to get the necklace.

The crows reached the forest and put Hara in the snake’s hole, which was seen by the soldiers following. As soon as the soldiers put their hands in the bill to take out the necklace, the snake came out hissing. Seeing the snake, the soldiers attacked it with swords, due to which the snake got injured and ran away after saving its life. After the departure of the snake, the crow lived happily with his family.

Learning from the story – We learn from this story that we should never take advantage of the weak. At the same time, one should act wisely in trouble.


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