Cow And Tiger Story For Kids ( 1046 )

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Cow And Tiger Story For Kids


Cow And Tiger Story For Kids


Once there was a cow who lived with her calf on a small farm. She used to go to the forest area in order to graze. When she used to return to her shed in the evening, her calf used to drink her milk. The cow loved her calf very much.

One day the cow had gone to the forest for grazing, when a tiger caught her on the way to the forest. The tiger wanted to kill the cow for his meal. The cow requested the tiger, “I’ve got a calf at home, and she is very hungry. If you kill me right now, my calf will die of hunger.”

Therefore, she requested the tiger to excuse her for a while so that she could go and give milk to her calf. The tiger listened to the request of the cow and said, “It is impossible. If I will leave you, you will not come back again”. The cow said to the tiger, “I promise to come back after feeding my calf.”

The tiger listened to the cow’s ardent request and finally said, “You can go, but you have to return soon.”

The cow returned to her shed immediately and milked her calf. Then she started for the forest again, reassuring her calf that she’ll be back very soon. Soon, she reached the forest and gave a cry for the tiger.

The tiger came and saw the cow and was surprised to see her back. The tiger hasn’t seen encountered such sincerity, morality and honesty from any animal. He was overwhelmed by the cow’s honesty and said, “I can’t harm you, instead, I will protect you from other wild animals in the future. I want that the character you possess to encourage and impact other animals.”

Saying this, the tiger went back into his den. The cow returned to her calf before sunrise and they lived happily.


Story Summary


Here is the summary of the “Cow and Tiger” story children.

Once there was a cow who lived with her baby calf. The two both used to live happily. One day the cow went to the forest for grazing. A tiger attacked her, but she pleaded to be let go, as her calf was waiting  at home for her milk. The cow assured the tiger that she would return after feeding her baby.

First, the tiger didn’t accept her request, but given her pleading, the tiger gave her a chance. The cow went back home to feed her baby and told her to be brave in all situations. She then returned to the forest again. The tiger was surprised to see her and was astonished by her honesty. The tiger asked the cow to go back home to her calf and also promised to protect her from other wild animals in the forest. The cow and her calf lived happily ever after.


What Lesson Will Your Child Learn From This Story?


This short story will help your child understand the beauty of motherly love after reading this heart-touching story. Another great lesson that the children will learn through this story is of honesty.

In the story, the love between the cow and her calf is beautifully expressed, and with her honesty and accountability, the cow wins over the heart of the cruel tiger. The tiger lets go of the cow only because he is touched by the honesty of the cow, who kept her promise to return after feeding her baby.


How Can Children Apply The Lesson Of The Story In Their Real Life?


The kids can apply the lesson of this story in their real life by being sincere and honest despite what may happen. Parents must teach kids to stay true to their promises by showing them real-life examples as children learn and enact what they see. For example, fulfil your promise to take your child to the park after they complete their homework. These are little things, but they will definitely help your child learn the essential lesson of keeping their promises.


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