Clay Toy Story ~ Bedtime Stories

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Clay Toy Story ~ Bedtime Stories


Clay Toy Story ~ Bedtime Stories


A long time ago there lived a potter in the village of Chui. He used to go to the city every day to make pottery and toys and sell them. This is how his life was going on. Distressed by everyday’s hardships, one day his wife told him to stop making and selling pottery. Now go straight to the city and look for a job so that we can earn some money.

The potter was also finding his wife’s words correct. He himself was troubled by his condition. He went to the city and started working there. Even though he used to do a job, his mind kept on making clay toys and utensils. Still, he kept on doing his job silently.

Like this, a lot of time passed while doing his job. The boss where he worked called him one day on his son’s birthday. Everyone had bought expensive gifts as birthday gifts. The potter thought that who sees the gift of us poor, so I give it to the owner’s child by making a clay toy.

Thinking this, he made a clay toy for the owner’s son and gave it to him as a gift. When the birthday party was over, the owner’s son and the other children with him liked the clay toy very much. All the children present there started insisting on getting the same clay toy.

Seeing the stubbornness of the children, everyone present in the merchant’s feast started discussing that clay toy. There was only one question in everyone’s mouth that after all, who has brought this wonderful toy? Then one of the people present there told that his servant had brought this toy. Everyone was surprised to hear this.

Then they all started asking the potter about that toy. Everyone said in one voice that from where and how did you buy such an expensive and beautiful toy? Tell us too, now our children are insisting on getting this toy.

The potter told them that this is not an expensive toy, but I have made it with my own hands. Earlier I used to make and sell this in my village. Earning from this work was very less, so I had to leave this work and come to the city and now I am doing this job.

The owner of the potter was very surprised to hear all this. He said to the potter, ‘Can you make a similar toy for each of the children here?’

The potter said happily, ‘ Yes master, this is my work. I love making clay toys. I can make all these kids toys right now.”

After saying this, the potter collected clay and started making toys. In no time, many colorful clay toys were ready.

Seeing this art work of the potter, his owner was surprised as well as very happy. He started thinking of doing business of clay toys. It occurred to him that he would make clay toys from the potter and then sell them himself. Thinking this, he gave the potter the job of making clay toys.

The potter’s master was pleased with his skill in making clay toys, so the merchant decided to give the potter a nice house to live in and a hefty salary. The potter was very happy with this offer of his master. He immediately went to his village and brought the family members to live with him.

The potter’s family, struggling with the scarcity of food and money, started living comfortably in the house given by the merchant. That merchant also got a lot of profit from the toys made by the potter. In this way everyone started living their life with joy and happiness.

Moral of the story – Talent never leaves a person. If someone is expert in some work, then that skill can get him out of difficult situations.

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