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Classic Kids Stories


Classic Kids Stories


Story Of The Little Angel And The Princess – Once upon a time there used to be a kingdom named Vikramgarh. The king of that kingdom had two queens. The appearance of the elder queen was ordinary, but the younger queen was quite beautiful. Because of this, the king used to love the younger queen more and he used to obey everything that the younger queen said. One day the younger queen complained to the king about the elder queen. The king got angry with the elder queen, due to which the elder queen left the palace and went towards the forest.

On the way, there was a river, on the bank of which there was a pomegranate tree. The elder queen sat under the same tree and started crying. Hearing her crying, a little angel came there.

That little angel asked the queen the reason for her crying. The queen told him everything while crying.

After listening to the elder queen, the little angel said, ‘Take three dips in this river and take a bath. Then pluck a pomegranate from this pomegranate tree. By doing this you will also become beautiful but do only as much as I have told you. Neither doing more nor doing less than this.

Saying this, the little angel disappeared from there.

After this, the elder queen obeyed the fairy and did the same. As soon as the queen took her first dip in the river, the color of her body became clear.

On taking the second dip, the queen’s body was adorned with beautiful clothes and jewelry.

As soon as she took the third dip, the queen’s hair became long, thick, and beautiful.

Now the elder queen had become very beautiful.

After this, as the little fairy had said, after taking three dips in the river, the queen plucked a pomegranate from the pomegranate tree. The pomegranate split as soon as it was plucked and all the seeds of the pomegranate became soldiers.

Those soldiers prepared a palanquin for the queen, which brought the elder queen back to the kingdom.

When the elder queen met the king after reaching the palace, she told the whole incident of the little angel to the king. Now the king started regretting his actions and this time he kicked the little queen out of the palace.

When the elder queen was telling the incident of the little angel to the king, the younger queen was secretly listening to all these things. For this reason, on coming out of the palace, she went straight to the bank of the river and started crying sitting under the same pomegranate tree.

Hearing the cry of the little queen, the little fairy appeared there and asked the queen the reason for her crying.

The little queen told a lie to the little fairy that the king had thrown her out of the palace at the behest of the big queen.

Hearing this, the little angel also told the little queen to first take a dip in this river three times. Then pluck a pomegranate from this pomegranate tree, but do not do more than this and do not do less than this.

Saying this, the little angel again disappeared from there.

The little queen was very happy to hear the words of the little angel. She went to the river and as soon as she took the first sip, her body became more beautiful than before.

As soon as he took the second dip, his body was also adorned with beautiful clothes and ornaments.

After the third dip, little Ronnie’s hair became more black, thick, long, and beautiful.

Now the little queen was looking more beautiful than before, but the little queen thought that if she could become so beautiful by taking three dips, she would become more beautiful by taking more dips.

Thinking like this, he took many dips. By doing this, all the clothes of the little queen’s body were torn and became old. All her jewelry disappeared. The color of his body also became darker. The spots and pimples have disappeared on the body. The little queen was no longer looking as beautiful as before.

Crying, she came out of the river and plucked a pomegranate from the pomegranate tree. The pomegranate split as soon as it was plucked. A snake came out of it and it ate the queen.

Learning From The Story – The story of the little angel and the little queen teaches us that we should never feel bad for other people.


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