Cat And Mouse Story ~ Bedtime Stories

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Cat And Mouse Story ~ Bedtime Stories


Cat And Mouse Story ~ Bedtime Stories


Once upon a time there was a cat, she was very clever and attentive, and seeing her cleverness and attentiveness, even the rats became wary and now the rats were not coming in the hands of the cat.

A time came when the cat started panting due to hunger. Not a single mouse could come in his hands, because they used to hide in their burrows as soon as they heard its call.

The cat started planning to avoid hunger. Then something came to her mind and she vomited on a table. She made all the rats think that she was dead.

All the mice were watching the cat lying like this from their holes. They knew that the cat was very clever, so none of the mice came out of their holes.

But, even the cat was not one to give up. She kept vomiting on the same table for a long time. Gradually the rats began to think that the cat was dead. They started coming out of their bill celebrating.

As soon as the mice reached the cat’s table, he jumped and caught two mice. In this way the cat filled its stomach this time, but the mice became even more cautious now.

After eating two rats, the cat started suffering from hunger again, because the rats did not want to be negligent at all.

This time the cat had to plan once again to fill its stomach. But, this time the little plan was not going to work. Therefore, the cat now covered itself with whole flour.

The rats thought it was flour and came to eat it. But an old mouse stopped them. When he looked at the dough carefully, he could see the shape of a cat in it.

Then the old mouse started making noise. He said, “Everyone go to your bills. Here the cat is hiding in the flour. After listening to the old mouse, all the mice went to their burrows.

When not a single mouse reached the cat for a long time, then the cat got up because of tiredness. In this way the old mouse with his experience saved the lives of all the mice.

Learning from the story – The story of the cat and the mouse teaches us that deception can be avoided by using intelligence.

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