Can You Get A Life Insurance Policy For Your Dog

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Can You Get A Life Insurance Policy For Your Dog


Can You Get A Life Insurance Policy For Your Dog


Many people carry life insurance for themselves or their spouse – this can be a wise financial investment to help you through the loss of a loved one. But what about our beloved family members? Can You Get a Dog Life Insurance Policy? And what expenses do you need to consider if you lose your pet?

We’ll answer these and other questions to help you plan ahead. Although we hate to think about the death of our pet, it helps to be informed about all of your options.

Can You Get Life Insurance for Your Dog?

Insurance companies do not offer the equivalent of human life insurance for dogs (meaning you are paid a lump sum amount during the lifetime of the policy after the death of the insured).

One of the main reasons people buy human life insurance is to ensure that your family is financially protected in the event of a tragedy. While dogs are invaluable to us emotionally, their death does not have a significant impact on our financial future.

Although there are some companies that offer mortality and theft insurance for dogs, this is primarily for valuable show, service or breeding dogs. Although you may be able to find a policy for your family pet, it is not worth it in most cases. Why?

With life insurance for dogs, the insurance company reimburses the cost of your dog. This is generally determined by the purchase or replacement cost or estimated value of your dog. Some insurers will also cover the cost of euthanasia, cremation or burial – but for higher premiums. And then there are strict limits on what type of death will be covered.


One significant limitation with dog life insurance is that it only covers unexpected deaths from accident or sudden illness. So you will have to face some of the key policy exclusions, which include:

Pre-existing conditions – Insurance companies require a health assessment by a veterinarian before issuing a policy. If your pet is already suffering from a serious condition, you may not be eligible for coverage.

Hereditary conditions – Some purebred dogs are prone to serious diseases and health conditions, and deaths caused by these conditions will likely not be covered by dog life insurance.

Age – Pet life insurance policies typically limit coverage to a set time period when your dog is less likely to develop an age-related illness.

pet end of life expenses

Many people want to remember their beloved pets long after they are gone. Here are some categories of costs associated with the death of a pet to help you plan financially.

Euthanasia: $50-$300
Cremation: $150 to $250 (individual cremation)
Urn for your pet’s ashes: $50 to $400
Pet burial plot: $400 to $600
Pet caskets: $100 to $500

Is Pet Life Insurance Worth It?

Unless you have an extremely valuable dog, such as a rare breeding dog or a show or service dog, the premium you will pay for dog life insurance will far exceed the death benefit (the amount you would receive) on the policy. insurance company if your dog dies from a covered cause). Unfortunately, pet life insurance doesn’t cover the emotional trauma we owners go through when a beloved pet dies.

But you have another option that can help financially throughout your dog’s life as a pet owner – getting pet health insurance.


What is covered by pet health insurance?

The purpose of pet insurance is to provide coverage for unanticipated injuries and diseases, such as critical care, cancer, inherited problems, and chronic conditions. Similar to how human health insurance works, you can pay premiums monthly or annually.

The majority of pet insurance plans, however, do not cover wellness visits like yearly physicals or dental cleanings, unlike human health insurance. Pre-existing conditions are not covered either. However, a lot of pet health insurance providers do pay for the fees associated with euthanasia, and some even pay for cremation and other post-mortem expenses.

End-Of-Life Protection

The pet health insurance companies that cover euthanasia and cremation that we evaluate each year are included in the table below. For more precise information about particular providers that we were able to get from their sample policies, see the table below. Before enrolling, we advise you to inquire with any pet insurance provider about what is and isn’t covered. The sample policies we read might not be the same as those in effect in your state.

Keep in mind that euthanasia is a permitted benefit when a veterinarian determines it is required for compassionate reasons because of a sickness or injury. Usually, euthanasia for behavioral issues is not covered. Additionally, because pre-existing conditions are not covered by pet insurance companies, these coverages will not be applicable if your pet dies as a result of a pre-existing ailment.

Covers up to $200 for cremation and euthanasia with 24PetWatch.

Cremation, burial, urns, and memorials are all covered under the Support Plus Final Respects add-on from AKC Pet Insurance.

Fetch by The Dodo: Reimburses you for the cost of your pet if it passes away or needs to be put to death by a vet during the term of the insurance due to an illness or accident. The $1,000 annual cap on this coverage is stated by Fetch. We will pay you the lower of the current adoption cost charged by your local humane society for the species of pet listed on the declarations page or one hundred fifty dollars ($150) if you do not have official documentation of the price you paid for your pet in the form of an original receipt. Pre-existing conditions, illness-related deaths in children older than six, and other restrictions are not included.


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