Camel And Jackal Story ~ Bedtime Stories

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Camel And Jackal Story ~ Bedtime Stories


Camel And Jackal Story ~ Bedtime Stories


It’s a very old matter. Two best friends lived in a forest. One was a jackal and the other was a camel. The jackal was clever and the camel was straightforward. These two friends used to sit near the river for hours and share their happiness and sorrow. Days passed and their friendship deepened.

One day someone told the jackal that there were ripe watermelons in a nearby field. The jackal’s heart was tempted on hearing this, but that field was across the river. Now it was difficult for him to cross the river and reach the farm. So, he started thinking of a way to cross the river.

While thinking, he went to the camel. The camel saw the jackal during the day and asked, “Friend, how are you here? We were supposed to meet at the riverside in the evening. Then the jackal said very cleverly, “Look friend, there are ripe watermelons in the nearby field. I heard watermelons are very sweet. You will be happy to eat them. That’s why I came to tell you.

The camel liked the watermelon very much. He said, “Wow! I go to that village now. I haven’t eaten watermelon in a long time.”

The camel quickly crossed the river and started preparing to go to the field. Then the jackal said, “Friend, I also like watermelons, but I do not know how to swim. If you eat watermelon, I will feel that I have eaten too.

Then the camel said, “Don’t worry, I will make you cross the river by sitting on my back. Then we will eat watermelon together.

The camel did as he was told. After reaching the field, the jackal ate watermelons to his heart’s content and became happy. Due to happiness, he started making loud noises. Then the camel said, “You don’t make noise, but he did not agree.”

Hearing the sound of the jackal, the farmers came near the field with sticks. The jackal was clever, so quickly hid behind the trees. The camel’s body was big, so it could not hide. The farmers beat him a lot out of anger.

Somehow the camel came out of the field saving its life. Just then the jackal hiding behind the tree came out. Seeing the jackal, the camel angrily asked, “Why were you shouting like that?”

Jackal said that I have a habit of shouting after eating, only then my food gets digested.

The camel got more angry after hearing this answer. Still he silently started moving towards the river. After reaching the river, he made the jackal sit on his back.

On the other hand, the jackal was feeling happy because the camel was killed. On the other side, after reaching the middle of the river, the camel started taking a dip in the river. The jackal got scared and said, “What are you doing?”

The angry camel said, “After I eat something, I have to dive into the river to digest it.”

The jackal understood that the camel was taking revenge for his actions. With great difficulty the jackal saved his life from the water and reached the bank of the river. From that day onwards the jackal never dared to disturb the camel.

Learning from the story – From the story of camel and jackal, it is learned that one should not be clever. Your actions become heavy on yourself. One has to pay as he does.

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