Birbal Khichdi Story For Kids ( 1059 )

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Birbal Khichdi Story For Kids


Birbal Khichdi Story For Kids


Origin And History Of Birbal’s Khichdi


Akbar-Birbal folk tales have been passed on mainly through tradition. These stories focus on how Birbal often manages to outsmart envious courtiers in a humorous manner by giving sharp and intelligent responses. “Birbal’s Khichdi” is one such story that will help children understand an important lesson.


Story Type Of Birbal’s Khichdi


The tales of Birbal and Akbar have been known for their important lessons for children. “Birbal’s Khichdi” is also one such story for children that will help them learn an essential lesson.


Story Characters


The characters of “Birbal’s Khichdi” short story are:


  • Akbar
  • Birbal
  • Poor man
  • Akbar’s guard


Birbal’s Khichdi Story For Children


One cold winter day, Akbar and Birbal took a walk along the small lake. A thought came to Birbal’s mind that a man would do anything for money and he expressed his feelings to Akbar. Akbar then put his fingers into the lake and immediately removed it because he felt cold and started shivering. Akbar said, “I don’t think a man can spend one entire night in the cold water of this lake for money.” But Birbal replied, “I am sure I can find such a man.” Akbar then challenged him to find such a person and said that he would reward that man with a thousand gold coins.

Birbal searched far and wide until he found a poor old man who was desperate to accept the challenge. The poor man entered the cold lake, and Akbar had his guards posted near him to make sure that he really did as he promised. The next morning the guards took the poor old man to Akbar. Akbar asked him if he had indeed spent the entire night in the lake. The poor man nodded. Akbar then asked the poor old man how had he managed to spend the night in the lake.

The poor old man explained that there was a street lamp at 200 yards, and he kept his attention affixed on it to distract himself from the cold. Akbar then said that there would not be any reward as the man had survived the entire night in the lake by the warmth of the lamp on the street. The poor old man then went to Birbal for help.

The very next day, Birbal did not go to Akbar’s court. The king wondered where he was and sent a messenger to his home. The messenger came back with a word that Birbal would come once his khichdi was cooked. Akbar waited for hours, but Birbal did not come. Finally, he decided to go to Birbal’s house and see what was  he busy doing.

Akbar found Birbal sitting on the floor near burning twigs and a bowl filled with khichdi hanging about five feet above the fire. Akbar and his attendants couldn’t help but laugh.

Akbar then asked Birbal, “How can the khichdi be cooked if it is so far away from the fire?”

Birbal replied, “The same way the poor old man received heat from a lamp that was more than 200 yards away.”

Akbar understood his mistake and gave the poor old man his reward.


Story Summary


Let’s read the summary of “Birbal’s Khichdi” story.

It was a cold season, and Birbal and Akbar were having a walk around a cold, almost frozen lake. Birbal was having a conversation with Akbar and asked him if a man would do anything for money. Akbar replied no. But Birbal affirmed that a man would do anything for money, and so Akbar asked him to prove it. The next day Birbal brought a poor man to the court who was in extreme need of money.

Akbar asked the man to stay inside the frozen lake all through the night, and if he was successful, he would be rewarded a thousand gold coins. The poor man needed the money, and so he stood through the night.

In the morning, he was taken to court to collect his reward, but he had to tell the king how had he survived in such a cold temperature. The innocent man replied that the glowing light of the lamp 200 yards away gave him hope and warmth, and he kept looking at the light.

On hearing this, Akbar refused to give him a reward as, according to him, the lights had provided him warmth. The poor man returned disappointed and bare-handed from Akbar’s court, and went to Birbal.

The next day Birbal didn’t go to the court, so Akbar went to his place to look into the matter. He saw that Birbal had lit a fire five feet below the hanging bowl of khichdi, which remained uncooked.

Everyone laughed that Birbal’s khichdi would never cook if the fire was five feet away. Birbal had done this to prove the point that if fire can’t provide warmth from five feet away, then it cannot give warmth to a person from a 200 yards distance. Akbar realised his mistake and rewarded the poor man with a thousand gold coins that he deserved.


What Lesson Will Your Child Learn From This Story?


“Birbal’s Khichdi” story highlights the importance of giving a person the reward and appreciation they deserve and also admitting to our wrongdoings. The story talks about Akbar’s stubbornness in losing a bet and not rewarding the deserving one. Through the character of Birbal, the storyteller wants to highlight that one must not take away a deserving person’s reward to satisfy their ego.

Akbar took the light which was 200 yards away as an excuse to refuse, however, Birbal later makes him realise his mistake and he amends it. Thus, the story teaches us that no matter how big the mistake is, one must own up to their doings and fix it.


How Can Children Apply The Lesson Of The Story In Their Real Life?


The children can apply the lesson of this story in their real life by appreciating the deserving people and their hard work. Parents should also teach their little ones to own up to their mistakes and do them right by fixing it.


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