5 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in San Antonio

5 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in San Antonio

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5 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in San Antonio


5 Best Personal Injury Attorneys in San Antonio


The following is a rundown of the top and driving Individual Injury Lawyers in San Antonio. To assist you with finding the best Private Injury Lawyers situated close to you in San Antonio. ( Cute Baby Images )

San Antonio’s Best Private Physical issue Lawyers:
The top of line Individual Injury Lawyers in San Antonio are:

  • Matthew D. Ketterman – Ketterman Rowland and Westlund
  • Paula A. Wyatt – Wyatt Law Office, Ltd.
  • Joe A. Gamez – Gamez Law office
  • Thomas A. Crosley – Crosley Law Office
  • Roger L. Turk – Thomas J. Henry Regulation


1. Roger L. Turk – Thomas J. Henry Regulation

Roger L. Turk is an individual from the American Bar Affiliation and flaunts a 20-year legitimate involvement with individual injury preliminaries. He has court confirmations in the US Region Court for the East, West, North, and South Locale of Texas. Roger has stood firm on the foothold of the lead counsel in various renowned suitcases in the country. He addressed clients engaged with individual injury cases like clinical acts of neglect, nursing home maltreatment, truck mishaps, development mishaps, and modern mishaps. In like manner, he has been essential for preliminaries acquired by the state and government courts including Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations.

Items/Administrations: Tipsy Driving Mishaps, Modern Mishaps, Oceanic and Jones Act Cases, Nursing Home Disregard, Items Obligation, Poisonous Misdeed, Shipping Mishaps, Working environment Wounds

Area: Address: 4715 Fredericksburg Rd #507, San Antonio, TX 78229
Telephone: (210) 874-2615
Site: www.thomasjhenrylaw.com

Audits: “Roger was proficient and obliging while managing my case. The entire circumstance was dealt with in only a couple of months and he kept me in the know the entire time! What an incredible guy!!!!” – Glen Diaz


2. Thomas A. Crosley – Crosley Law Office

Thomas A. Crosley is the ongoing leader of the San Antonio Bar Affiliation. He was a beneficiary of a four-year college education from the College of Texas and a regulation degree from the College of Houston. He is authorized to rehearse in the Territory of Texas, US Region Courts for the Eastern, Western, Northern, and Southern, Locale of Texas, and the US Court of Allures for the Fifth Circuit. His lawful vocation began as a partner lawyer at Brown McCarroll, LLP. Then, at that point, made a beeline for being a preliminary legal counselor focusing on unfair passing and individual injury cases.

These cases are generally brought about by clinical negligence, damaged items, and vehicular mishaps. During the years 2006, 2010, and 2016 he accomplished a spot in the 100 most noteworthy individual injury decisions in the nation worked with by American Legal counselor Media. His brightness was the motivation behind why he generally got solicitations for discussions, introductions, and meetings about private injury cases.

Items/Administrations: Individual Injury, Unfair Demise Cases, Car and Shipping Mishaps, Imperfect Items, Clinical Negligence

Area: Address: 3303 Oakwell Ct #200, San Antonio, TX 78218
Telephone: (210) 529-3000
Site: www.crosleylaw.com

Surveys: “Mr. Crosley and individuals from his law office helped me with my case this previous year, and I should say that the experience working with everybody was an Extraordinary one. Jarryd, Erika, and Priscilla were all proficient, patient, straightforward forward, and reliable with the data compromised for this case. I at first felt that I didn’t have areas of strength for a, yet everybody consoled me that I did and they blew away in demonstrating that with an effective result.” – Ms. Lobby


3. Joe A. Gamez – Gamez Law office

Joe A. Gamez has a modest and motivating family foundation that enlivened him to be the best preliminary injury, legal counselor. He encountered shameful acts during his experience growing up because of their unstable monetary circumstance attributable to the passing of his dad and his family’s unobtrusive way of life then.

Joe got his Regulation degree at the St. Mary’s College School of Regulation which later on guided him to work for the Streams Area Head prosecutor’s Office. He proceeded with his lawful vocation and went to private practice. His emphasis is on private injury energized by their battle when his girl had a fender bender. He addresses his clients to show up with a settlement or pay to some way or another ease their experiences brought about coincidentally wounds.

Items/Administrations: Engine Vehicle Mishaps, Premises Responsibility, Working environment Mishaps, Unjust Mishaps

Area: Address: 1119 Fresno, San Antonio, TX 78201
Telephone: (210) 736-4040
Site: www.joegamezlaw.com

Audits: “I could not communicate the amount I at any point value, everybody, at Gamez law office. I recollected, Joe Gamez. I recollected that I had seen him on the By means of Transports and pondered internally no difference either way. I’m past grateful for each and every individual who participated in my situation I didn’t need to stress over anything and never under any circumstance did I feel not invited nor disregarded. I will enthusiastically prescribe the Gamez Law office to anybody! My girl and I truly appreciate everyone!!!” – Kasandra Jimenez


4. Paula A. Wyatt – Wyatt Law Office, Ltd.

Paula A. Wyatt began her legitimate profession by functioning as an associate locale attorney in Nueces District, Texas. In her stretch as a lawyer, she exhibited her abilities and information as quite possibly of the most splendid examiner in the country. She was before long named the main crime investigator for the 347th Area Court because of her forceful lawful techniques that were similarly useful. Paula has since zeroed in on private injury subsequent to finding employment elsewhere at the Head prosecutor’s Office.

She succeeded in being a preliminary legal counselor, the confirmation is her seat on the Controlling Panel for the Gold Country Carrier injury cases she had addressed. It additionally prompted her to be important for the Controlling Panel for the Texas Passage/Firestone cases. She right now redirects her skill into battling for her clients who are survivors of devastating individual wounds.

Items/Administrations: Individual Injury Case, Improper Demise, Auto Imperfections, Aeronautics, Nursing Home Maltreatment, Items Obligation, Devastating Injury

Area: Address: 21 Lynn Batts Ln Suite 10, San Antonio, TX 78218
Telephone: (210) 340-5550
Site: www.wyattlawfirm.com

Audits: “Paula and her group when they were in Corpus Christi alongside the specialists at Parkland assist with saving my child’s life and for that folks, I’m so appreciative to ya’ll and all of the work you put in to get everything taken care of!!!! Thank you all so much once moreā€¦ .” – Kimmie Waddle


5. Matthew D. Ketterman – Ketterman Rowland and Westlund

Matthew D. Ketterman is a four-year certification holder from Texas Tech College and a specialist of law degree holder from the St. Mary’s College School of Regulation. He is allowed to rehearse in the Province of Texas and Minnesota and has joined various expert associations. These are the Texas Preliminary Attorneys Affiliation, and Texas Youthful Legal counselors Affiliation.

American Relationship for Equity, San Antonio Youthful Attorneys Affiliation, San Antonio Preliminary Legal counselors Affiliation, Capital Region Preliminary Legal counselors Affiliation, Austin Bar Affiliation, and the Austin Youthful Legal advisors Affiliation. He endeavors to battle for the legitimate remuneration and clinical consideration of people determined to have Asbestos-related sickness. Regardless of whether this implies conflicting with huge companies who focus on benefit over their workers’ wellbeing and security.

Items/Administrations: Asbestos, Asbestos-related items, Asbestos Liquidation Trusts Cases, Mesothelioma, Individual Injury, Illegitimate Demise, Imperfect Items

Area: Address: 16500 San Pedro Ave #302, San Antonio, TX 78232
Telephone: (210) 405-6525
Site: www.krwlawyers.com

Surveys: “I’m very satisfied with the assistance I got from the firm, my lawyer, and his staff. They are exceptionally proficient yet additionally get some margin to deal with you like an individual, not a check. I would allude this firm to my loved ones that need their administrations.” – Donna Kneupper


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