Short Scary Stories For Kids

Best 5 Short Scary Stories For Kids


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Short Scary Stories For Kids


Short Scary Stories For Kids


1 – The Sleepover


Looking for ghost stories for kids? Tell this one to children over 8 years old for a big reaction. Tell it in the first person to make it even scarier and embellish it with details from your own childhood to make it more believable.

When I was a child, I lived on a street with a haunted house. A large and happy family had lived in the house until a night when one of the children was playing with matches. The youngest boy of the family dropped a lit match on his bed but was too scared to call out for help.

The boy was burned alive under his covers. His parents and two sisters died with him in the flames.

One evening during a sleepover, my friends and I took turns trying to scare each other with ghost stories. It was approaching midnight and, unable to scare each other, we thought it would be fun to go to the haunted house in the dark.

We walked through the gate together and up to what remained of the door, still set in its stone doorframe.

The smell of smoke hung in the air, and thin clouds of ash were being blown in the breeze. But then we realized there was no breeze.

Shapes began to form in the clouds of ash and gray hands reached out from the shapes. As we turned to run, screams rose up out of the ashes. “Help us, we’re burning!” they cried.

We started to run, thinking that as soon as we were clear of the house we would be safe. But the ash shapes and screams followed us. As we neared my home, the smell of burning was almost overwhelming, and as we reached my door, I glanced over my shoulder to see a hand reaching for me.

We piled through my front door, slamming it behind us and ran up the stairs to my room, slamming that door tight, too. None of us expected to sleep, but the fear had exhausted us and we fell into a deep slumber.

The next morning, in the daylight, we were all much braver. During breakfast, we talked about what happened and came to the conclusion our imaginations had taken over. We decided to walk back to the house in the daylight.

I opened my front door and my mouth dropped in a silent scream. There, on the door, were two large round scorches high on the door, like someone had pounded on it with burning hands. Lower down, there were two smaller sets of handprints, as if children with burning hands had pushed against it.

Finally, near the bottom of the door was a tiny set of burnt handprints, as if the youngest little boy had tried in vain to push open the door and get help for his family.


2 – Cameras Don’t Lie


Children aged 8 years and up will enjoy this kids’ scary story. For extra punch, load an appropriate photo onto your phone, show it to your audience at the end of the story, and tell the kids you were the babysitter in the story.

A teenage girl had been babysitting for the same family for a few years. The children were generally well behaved, and she enjoyed looking after them.

One day the family called the babysitter with a special request.

“My sister and her husband died in an accident, and we have taken in their daughter,” the father said. “She is very quiet after what happened to her parents, but she is no trouble. Would you mind looking after her as well as the other children this Saturday?”

The babysitter said she didn’t mind at all, and on Saturday evening, she went to the family’s house.

The children settled down in bed and they all quickly fell asleep, except the niece. The little girl came back downstairs and asked if she could sit with the babysitter because the monster that killed her parents wouldn’t let her go to sleep.

Thinking the little girl was imagining things, but understanding she had just lost her parents, the babysitter decided to let the little girl sit with her.

Seeing the babysitter’s phone, the little girl asked if she could take some photos with it and the babysitter said yes. The little girl cheered up, just a little, and walked around the room taking photos of her teddy in different spots and snapping sad-looking selfies.

Every now and then the little girl would run back to the babysitter, crying, and asking her to chase away the monster. To make the little girl feel better, the babysitter would pretend to chase it away.

After a while the little girl could stay awake no longer and fell asleep on the sofa. The babysitter carried her up to bed, tucked her in, and went back downstairs.

She picked up her phone with the intention of deleting the photos the little girl had taken. But when she began to look at them, she let out a scream. In each of the selfies the little girl had taken, behind her, there was a pair of red eyes staring out of a monster’s face.


3 – Guard Dog


This is another slightly gory story that’s best for kids over 10. It is especially good for children who insist they are ready to stay home alone.

This is a story about when a girl’s parents left her alone overnight for the first time. The parents told the girl to make sure all the doors and windows were locked tight after they left, and not to open the door to anyone while they were gone.

The girl did as she was told, and after her parents left, she went around and checked all the windows and doors. They were all locked tight.

By 10 o’clock that night the girl was bored being in the house on her own. She decided to go to her room, with a big bowl of popcorn, and get comfortable in bed. Not long after she got settled, she began to doze off and was awoken with a start when something touched her hand.

It was the dog. The family’s husky had come upstairs and licked her hand while she slept.

The girl went back to sleep but was awoken again. This time she knew straight away what had woken her up. It was a tap in the bathroom, drip, drip, dripping.

She reached down to her husky, who licked her hand while she fell asleep again.

Every hour or so, the girl was awoken by the dripping tap. But because she had stayed up so late, she was too tired to go and turn it off tightly. Instead, she would reach out to check for her husky and it would lick her hand while she fell asleep.

It was just after 6:30 the next morning when she could stand it no longer and got up to turn off the tap.

She walked into the bathroom and screamed. There was her husky, dead, skinned, and hanging from the ceiling.

The sound hadn’t been the tap. It had been her dog’s blood dripping onto the floor.

The girl ran back to her room to phone for help. There, on her floor, written in her dog’s blood, was the message, “Humans can lick, too.”


4 – The Demon Hello Kitty


If you are looking for a fun, scary story for kids, this is it. Kids who are 8 years and older will enjoy this for the silliness it is. It’s even better if you can have a Hello Kitty item or picture to use while you’re describing the character.

Do you know why Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth? No? Well, let me tell you.

The woman who invented Hello Kitty has a daughter. Her daughter developed a rare form of cancer in her mouth, and the doctors told her mother there was nothing they could do. Her daughter was going to die.

The mother was inconsolable. Her daughter was her only child, and she couldn’t imagine living the rest of her life without her. She vowed to do whatever she could to save her.

When the little girl was just hours from death, the mother was visited by the devil. He told her he would save her little girl, if she promised to invent a cartoon character that would end up in every home. The mother was suspicious — why would the devil request that she create a cartoon character that would bring joy into the world?

The devil’s intent wasn’t to bring happiness into the lives of children, after all. The devil said he would use the character to hypnotize children and possess them. The mother was torn — should she save her own child and sacrifice all those innocent children out there?

Because of her intense love for her children, the mother agreed, and her daughter recovered. In return, the mother invented Hello Kitty. The character has no mouth because her daughter’s mouth was eaten away by the cancer and sewn up.

It has pointy ears like the devil’s horns, and the word “kitty” means demon. So when you say Hello Kitty, you are actually saying, Hello Demon, and welcoming the devil into your home.


5 – Daddy’s Home


This one is best saved for the 10 and over set as it is a little more graphic than the rest of the stories. There’s no way of toning it down to make it more appropriate for younger kids.

A man and his young teenage son lived together in a small house on the outskirts of town. The lot their house sat on was large and overgrown with tall hedges blocking the house from the street.

One day, the man left on an overnight business trip but took his son’s phone charger by mistake. As a result, neither the boy nor his father could charge their phones. Both phones were fully charged at first, but the man was delayed on his way home, and by midnight on the second day, both phones were dead.

It was just after this that the boy heard a knock on the front door. He was a sensible boy and knew not to open the door to strangers. Instead, he looked out of his bedroom window, onto the drive to see who was there.

The boy saw his father’s car in the drive, but he could not see the front door from his room. He went downstairs and looked through the peephole in the door to see who was there. He could see his father on the other side of the door, looking back at him, and the boy reached up to open the door.

But something stopped him.

“Dad?” the boy called out. “Why are you knocking on the door? Did you forget your keys?”

The boy waited, but there was no reply — just another knock on the door.

“Dad?” the boy called out again. “Why don’t you just open the door and come in?”

But again there was no reply. Instead, there was just a steady, rhythmic knocking on the door which began to get faster and faster. The boy’s dad was knocking constantly on the door, waiting for him to open up when suddenly he stopped and there was no sound at all.

The boy looked through the peephole again. His dad was still there, so he decided to open up. When he opened the door, he discovered his dad’s head taped to the door, in front of the peephole, and a trail of bloody footprints leading down the drive.

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