Best 40+ Funny Truth Or Dare Questions For Kids

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Best 40+ Funny Truth Or Dare Questions For Kids


Best 40+ Funny Truth Or Dare Questions For Kids


Truth: What did you dress up for last Halloween?

Dare: Make a Jenga tower out of what you can find in the room.


Truth: What’s your favorite holiday of the year?

Dare: Act like a king or queen.


Truth: Have you ever forged someone’s signature?

Dare: Mime playing a video game.


Truth: What’s your favorite sandwich filling?

Dare: Make up a poem.


Truth: Who would you like to kiss?

Dare: Pretend you’re a firefighter putting out a fire.


Truth: Have you ever been to the ER?

Dare: Sing “The Wheels On The Bus” without moving your lips.


Truth: Have you ever been in the hospital?

Dare: Spin 10 times then walk in a straight line.


Truth: Can you do a yoga pose?

Dare: Sing the ABC song without moving your lips.


Truth: What type of bird would you like to be?

Dare: Act like an old person for the rest of the game.


Truth: What’s the most disgusting thing you’ve ever done?

Dare: Do an impression of your mom.


Truth: Which player smells the best?

Dare: Do an impression of your dad.


Truth: Have you ever had an operation?

Dare: Pose like a fashion model.


Truth: Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

Dare: Act like a squirrel.


Truth: Can you touch your toes?

Dare: Do an impression of your mom or dad driving.


Truth: What subjects at school are you good at?

Dare: Act like a kangaroo.


Truth: What subjects at school are you terrible at?

Dare: Explain the rules of Truth or Dare to an invisible player.


Truth: Have you lied during this game?

Dare: Try to lick peanut butter or jelly off the end of your nose.


Truth: Which board game are you good at?

Dare: Make cow noises every time someone says umm.


Truth: What would you drink every day if you could?

Dare: Eat a bread sandwich.


Truth: Have you ever dropped food on the ground and then eaten it?

Dare: Act like a bear.


Truth: Do you like camping?

Dare: Stand without moving for two minutes.


Truth: Can you swim?

Dare: Sigh loudly every time someone says “like.”


Truth: What do you sing in the shower or bath?

Dare: Fold a piece of paper in half using only one hand.


Truth: Do you talk to yourself?

Dare: Write the alphabet using the hand you don’t write with.


Truth: Who’s your favorite singer?

Dare: Act like a T-Rex


Truth: Do you ever talk in your sleep?

Dare: Put a bow on your head and “gift” yourself to another player.


Truth: Do you snore?

Dare: Hold a protest against Truth or Dare.


Truth: If you wrote a book, what would it be about?

Dare: Carry another player around the room.


Truth: If you could only have one friend, who would it be?

Dare: Let another player tickle you.


Truth: Have you ever said a swear word?

Dare: Sing the national anthem out of the window.


Truth: Have you ever been homesick?

Dare: Stand for the rest of the game.


Truth: If you had to marry a Disney character, who would you pick?

Dare: Give yourself a fake tattoo with washable markers.


Truth: If you had to eat the same meal every day, what would it be?

Dare: Cover another player in band-aids.


Truth: What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

Dare: Put ice in your socks.


Truth: What do you like about yourself?

Dare: Pretend another player is injured and you are the paramedic saving them.


Truth: What do you dislike about yourself?

Dare: Pretend you are a vampire.


Truth: Do you ever pretend to brush your teeth, and not do it?

Dare: Do an impression of Buzz Lightyear.


Truth: Do you ever sleepwalk?

Dare: Have an argument with the wall.


Truth: What’s a job you’d never like to do?

Dare: Wear your pajamas on top of your clothes.


Truth: What was the last thing you cried about?

Dare: Play the rest of the game sitting on your hands.


Truth: What would your band name be?

Dare: Blow every player a kiss.


Truth: If you had to do one chore every day, what would it be?

Dare: Tape a plastic cup to your forehead and pretend you are a unicorn.


Truth: If you could get out of one chore forever, what would it be?

Dare: Pretend you are a ghost.

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