Best 10+ Origami Projects For Kids

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Best 10+ Origami Projects For Kids


Best 10+ Origami Projects For Kids


1 – Fish Origami for Kids

This super simple origami fish tutorial for kids, takes you, slowly, through every fold. It is an excellent first project and is useful for teaching the concepts of halves and quarters.

You can create this fish with a single standard 6-inch square. If this is your child’s first project and they are still quite young, consider using a slightly larger square to make it easier for them.

Aitoh 9.75 x 9.75 inch paper is great for this.

2 – Butterfly Origami for Kids

There are many origami butterfly tutorials available, but we like this one. It takes less than three minutes to create a butterfly, and the final model has a pleasing 3D quality you do not find in some other models.

3 – Flower Origami for Kids


This simple and clear video walks you through a lily in about three minutes. Practice with fish and butterflies a few times and then move onto this origami.

These papers from Kool Krafts have some patterned sheets which are especially nice for these lilies.

4 – Origami Games for Kids

These games deviate from the strictest definition of origami because they use items other than a single square of paper. However, they do require the same folding techniques.

  • Cockroach Climbers: You will need two 8×8 inch squares of slightly thicker paper, two lengths of thread, string, or similar, and glue.
  • Jumping Bunnies: You will need two strips of paper measuring 2×12 inches, markers, and stick on eyes to decorate, if you wish.
  • Caterpillar Race: You will need one strip of paper 2×12 inches for each caterpillar, scissors, and a marker for decoration.

5 – Origami Puppet for Kids

Many of the origami puppets you see are multicolored or have teeth or tongues inside the mouth. These are fun, but if you don’t make the folds perfectly, the different colors or patterns do not line up correctly. That means the puppet doesn’t look right, which can be frustrating for kids.

So we have chosen this fish origami puppet for kids. It is fun to make and to play with. Best of all, you only need a square of paper in a single color.

6 – Boat Origami for Kids

This origami boat will truly float in the water, which ups the fun element for kids. For this traditional-styled cute boat, you’ll only need a single square of paper. A six-inch square works well, but larger sheets make for bigger boats, which can be more fun if you plan to sail them.

7 – Origami House for Kids

For this house, you will need two square sheets of paper. If you plan to make a number of houses, different colors are fun.

This one is for more advanced folders or children who are older. There are so many folds involved, it would prove too difficult and frustrating for younger children.

8 – Frog Origami for Kids

This frog origami project is easy to follow along with, and it results in a frog that can truly hop. So, your child will end up with an origami project they can play with when the folding is done.

Only one sheet of origami paper is needed, and a six-inch square is best for a good, springy frog.

9 – Origami Birds for Kids

There are two birds for your child to decide between. Or, they can make both if they have enough time on their hands.

These one-sheet swans are fun to make and have the added advantage of being cute gifts.

This bird is also a good choice because of the fun flapping wings. As they require a single sheet, it is easy to make an entire flock.

10 – Origami Dinosaurs for Kids


Dinosaurs are animals kids seem to love, especially in the early elementary years. There is something so fascinating to them about these big, extinct creatures. They can make a variety with these three picks.

To make this T-Rex, you need a sheet of A4 paper. There are many folds to make, so this is best suited for more experienced crafters.

To make this brachiosaurus, you need a 6-inch square and some experience doing origami.

For this pteranodon, you also need a single 6-inch square.

These simple bunnies are made with a 4-inch square in the video but work equally well with a six-inch square.

There are some intricate folds to make, so you may have to supervise if you have some free time.

11 – Paper Hearts Origami for Kids


Many origami hearts are flat shapes, but this version is “inflatable.” A six-inch square works for the basic heart, but these are fabulous when made with an 8-inch square.

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