Best 2023 Bedtime Stories For Kids

Bedtime Stories For Kids


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Bedtime Stories For Kids


Bedtime Stories For Kids


Years ago, one day in the summer season all the animals were resting in the forest. After a good rest, a pack of wolves went out hunting in the evening. One of them, a wolf named Daruka, heard the cry of a child from the bushes as soon as he went some distance.

When the wolf looked near the bushes, he saw a child. He was lying on the ground without clothes. The wolf was startled to see the child and took him with him to his abode. This is how a human child comes into the midst of wolves. Seeing the child among the wolves, Sher Khan, who lives in that forest, gets angry, because he had brought that child from the human settlement to eat.

The wolf takes care of that human child like its own family. His family consisted of some little wolves and their mother Raksha. Raksha named that child Mowgli. Mowgli finds a family and lives with the wolves as his brothers and sisters.

Daruka had also told his wife Raksha to keep this child away from the eyes of Sher Khan because he wanted to eat the child. The defense used to take full care of this. She would never let her children and Mowgli out of her sight.

On the one hand, after some time passed, all the animals living in the jungle became very good friends with Mowgli. On the other hand, Shere Khan kept an eye on Mowgli from a distance. He was waiting for the right time to hunt Mowgli.

The wolf pack was led by a wise wolf, a bear named Baloo, and a panther named Bagheera. Everyone gathered in one place and started talking about Mowgli. He said that we have to raise Mowgli like a wolf. On this, the leader of the herd tells his companions Bagheera and Ballu that both of you will teach Mowgli the rules and regulations of the jungle. Also, you will protect Mowgli.

In this way, a year passes while Mowgli lives in the jungle. Mowgli slowly starts growing up and till he grows up, Ballu and Bagheera teach Mowgli all the rules and regulations as well as how to protect themselves. By the time Mowgli grows up, he learns the language of many animals. Along with this, he easily learned to climb trees, swim in the river, and hunt. Bagheera teaches Mowgli how to stay away from traps and traps set by humans and how to get out of them after being caught in one.

One day a wolf cub living in a pack gets trapped in a trap set by hunters. Shere Khan wanted to eat that trapped wolf, that’s why Mowgli reaches there before Shere Khan and saves the little wolf. Sher Khan gets very angry seeing all this. Then Shere Khan tries to catch Mowgli after a few days, but he can’t catch him.

An enraged Shere Khan decides to enlist the help of the monkeys to capture Mowgli. All the monkeys lived in another part of the forest. All those monkeys were very dangerous. Hearing the lion’s words, the king of monkeys prepares to capture Mowgli.

The King of the Monkeys orders all his monkeys to catch Mowgli. For a day or two, some monkeys keep an eye on Mowgli and at the right time, kidnap Mowgli and take him to a mountain surrounded by dense jungle. Mowgli was thinking that Bagheera and Ballu should know about his being on the mountain. Then he saw an eagle flying in Asman. Mowgli calls out to the eagle and asks him to help me. Give the news of my being here to Bagheera and Ballu, telling them that the monkeys have kept me imprisoned here. As soon as Cheel heard Mowgli’s words, she rushed towards the jungle to Bagheera and Baloo.

As soon as Bagheera and Ballu get information about Mowgli, they go to ask for help from a dragon named Kaw. In the beginning, Ka outright refuses Bagheera and Baloo. Then they tell Kao about Mowgli. Knowing about Mowgli, Kao agrees to help them. Everyone sets out to save Mowgli. Soon Ko, Bagheera, and Ballu reach the monkey’s territory. After reaching there, all three start secretly watching. All three see that there are hundreds of monkeys. Then after a while, Kao says that now is the time to save Mowgli. Let’s bring him back.

Only then do they attack the three monkeys. Bagheera attacks the monkeys with her claws, causing the monkeys to cry out in pain. Just then some monkeys attack Ballu. Seeing this, the python comes and starts hitting the monkeys with its tail. After that, the monkeys run away in fear. The three then breathe a sigh of relief as Kao breaks down the door and takes Mowgli out. As soon as Mowgli got free, he ran and hid behind the tree.

Then suddenly the monkeys attack and surround Bagheera. After cornering Bagheera, the monkeys recapture Mowgli. Mowgli sees that Bagheera is surrounded, then remembers that monkeys are afraid of water. He shouts to Bagheera to jump into the water, monkeys are scared of water. Bagheera immediately jumps into the water on hearing this and escapes from the clutches of the monkeys.

After some time, Mowgli escapes from the captivity of the monkeys and then reaches a human settlement. After reaching that settlement, he meets a woman. The name of that woman was Messua, whose child was taken away by a lion in the forest years ago. Mowgli starts living with the same woman in the village. The villagers also let Mowgli stay and entrusted him with the responsibility of taking care of the animals.

A few days later, Mowgli’s wolf brother sees him in the village. On sight, the wolf goes straight to Mowgli and tells him that Shere Khan is preparing to kill him. Mowgli knew that Shere Khan was not going to give up on him so easily, so Mowgli made a plan to eliminate him. In that plan, Mowgli enlisted the help of his wolf brothers. He asked the wolf to bring Sher Khan to a valley.

After Shere Khan reached the valley, Mowgli left the herds of buffaloes on both sides and sat on one. Sher Khan falls under the feet of a herd of buffaloes. Then Sher Khan dies. Then Mowgli became fearless and started living with the villagers. After some time, some people in the village accused Mowgli of doing magic and threw him out of the village.

By then Mowgli had grown up. After leaving there, he went straight to the forest. Some time had passed while living there and his wolf brothers and sisters died. He wanders alone sadly, and only then he meets Messua again. Mowgli tells his story to Messua. Messua is convinced that the son who was taken away by the lion is Mowgli. Messua tells her story to Mowgli and they decide to live together. After this, Mowgli starts living happily in the human colony and when he gets time, he goes to the jungle to meet his friends.

Lesson learned from the story: Every difficulty goes away if you have courage. Along with this, every human being should treat animals and birds with love. When the time comes, they can help by becoming friends.

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