Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend 2023

Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend


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Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend


Bedtime Stories For Girlfriend


My name is Shyam. By the way, I am very peaceful, and who is very attached to the beauty of nature.

There is a park just a short distance from my house where there is a lot of crowd in the evening. One day I also went to that park while walking in the evening. While walking in the park for a while, my eyes fell on a girl. Seeing that the girl was looking very upset. I thought maybe he would have some problem and then I started walking in the park.

After a while, the girl left from there. But where she was sitting there was a small hand purse. I went there and saw that purse, there was some money and some documents in it. I started searching for that girl in the park with that purse but I could not find her. Then I came to my house with that purse.

After coming home, I took out her identity card from her purse. This ID card belonged to his office in which Sneha’s name was written. The next morning I went to her office and asked one of the workers about her and she told that Sneh is not coming to the office for the last week. When I asked the worker for the address of Sneha’s house, he told me that Gurukul Colony is 5 km away from here, where she lives.

Then I went straight from the office to that Gurukul Colony. After going there, I asked a guard about Sneha and he told me that Sneha Mam lives in flat number 16 in the previous apartment.

I went to flat number 16 and rang the doorbell, in a short while Sneha opened the door, then I saw that she had a brush in her mouth and while brushing she asked me in a gesture, what’s the matter, immediately I gave her purse to her and said That “You left this purse in the park last evening. She was very happy to see the purse and as she was brushing her teeth, she gestured for me to sit inside. I told him no, I have to go home now. He gestured for me to sit for just two minutes, so I went inside and sat down.

She came immediately after brushing me and asked me whether I would like “tea or coffee”. I said “No, I will not take anything, I just wanted to return your purse, I returned it, and now I am leaving” saying I left there.

The next day when I went to the same park again in the evening, I saw Sneha playing with a little girl. Sneha was looking very happy with that girl. I also sat a little far away from Sneha’s eyes and started looking at her.

After a while, Sneha’s eyes fell on me and she recognized me. She immediately came to me and said to me “Are you the one who came to return my purse to me yesterday?”. I said, “Yes I returned your purse yesterday”.

Sneha:- Yesterday you were in such a hurry that I could not even ask your name.

Aman:- No no problem, by the way, my name is Aman.

Sneha:- My name is Sneha, if you are not in a hurry today, then let’s go to have coffee outside the park.

We both had coffee at a coffee shop outside the park. I was going to pay for the coffee but Sneha refused me. While leaving, Sneh asked me to come over to her flat for dinner tomorrow. I told Sneha ok, I will come if I get the time and after saying this, I went to my house.

While sleeping at night, I started remembering Sneha, don’t know why I started thinking about her. I had met him only for two things and don’t know what is happening to me now. I started seeing his face in front of my eyes and I fell asleep again thinking about tomorrow’s dinner.

Before going to Sneha’s flat at night, I got ready and looked at myself in front of the mirror for about 10 to 15 minutes. I got off my bike and went straight to Sneha’s flat. Sneha very lovingly called me inside.

Then we both had dinner and I asked Sneha “Why are you not going to your office”.

Sneha:- No I will go to the office but there is some problem now.

Aman:- And what is that problem which you do not want to tell us?

Sneha:- To be honest, I have a steamer problem and the doctor asked me to do the operation but I don’t have that much money for the operation.

Aman:- I can help you with something.

Sneha:- Oh no, there is no need for you to suffer.

After finishing dinner, I came home. But at night I could not sleep, I kept thinking only about Sneha. After thinking a lot, I decided that I will definitely help Sneha.

The next day I went to Sneha’s flat and tried to take her with me but she refused. I didn’t go on my stubbornness. I said to Sneha “I cannot see you in such trouble, I feel pain when I see you like this, to be honest, I have fallen in love with you”. Hearing this, Sneha started crying and said to me, “Aman, I liked you from the very first day, your honesty and innocence touched my heart.

In these three meetings, both of us fell in love with each other. I took all the responsibility of getting Sneha operated and took her to a good hospital. Sneha’s operation was done there successfully. Now we both have decided to stay together.


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