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Bedtime Kids Stories


Bedtime Kids Stories


Story Of Pinocchio – Years ago there lived a carpenter who made wooden items in the city, whose name was Antonio. He always used to make unique things out of wood. One day he went to the forest while wandering like this, there he found a piece of wood. He brought her home with him.

After reaching home, he thought of making a table out of that wood. He immediately arranged all the materials and started making the table. As soon as he made one leg of the table, he heard a cry. Out of fear, Antonio gave the leg of the table and the whole wood to a poor man named Zepato.

Poor Zapato thought of making a talking puppet out of that table so that he could earn a lot of money from it. After making the puppet, Zepato named him Pinocchio. Pinocchio was very mischievous and Zepato always liked children who behaved quietly and well.

When Zepato made Pinocchio’s two legs, he taught him to walk. Pinocchio broke down the door and ran out as soon as he learned to walk. Seeing Pinocchio jumping and vandalizing like this on the way, the policeman thought that the child was not taught a good lesson by Zepato and kept him imprisoned in the house. For this reason, the police arrested Zepato.

Now after getting hungry, Pinocchio returned home, but Zepato was not there, so Pinocchio kept ringing the bell of the neighbor’s house. Hearing the house bell ringing, again and again, the neighbor splashed cold water on Pinocchio’s face.

Hungry Pinocchio could not even ask him for food and returned home drenched. Because of getting wet, Pinocchio sat on the stove. As soon as he woke up in the morning, he was dry, but one of his legs was completely burnt.

By morning Zepato also returned home. As soon as he saw Pinocchio in this condition, he quickly made a leg out of wood. Happy, Pinocchio tells Zepato to be a good boy and go to school.

Hearing this, Zepato wondered how he would send her to school, as he did not have that much money. That’s why he immediately went to the market and sold his coat and brought some money. Zepato gave all the money to Pinocchio and said, ‘Take this money and from tomorrow you too go to school.’

Then he immediately went to the market and sold his coat to get a book for Pinocchio. Seeing the book, Pinocchio said, ‘Papa, you sold your coat to send me to school.’ To this, Zepato said, ‘Son, don’t worry about me and prepare to go to school.’ Pinocchio agreed with his father and said, ‘Okay papa, I will go to school every day and make your name famous.’

The next day Pinocchio got up early in the morning, got ready, and left for school. On the way, he saw a huge crowd of people in one place. He ran over there and asked a man in the crowd, ‘What is happening here?’ The man said, ‘There is a puppet show going on here.’ Pinocchio said, ‘Oh wow! Puppet Show. I also want to see this puppet show, but I don’t have money. What should I do?

Then Pinocchio got an idea, he immediately went to a junk man and sold his book and got some money. Then he bought a ticket to the puppet show with that money and went to see the show. Arriving at the show, Pinocchio sees a lot of puppets. Seeing them, Pinocchio climbed onto the circus stage and started dancing.

Just then the puppet master came there. As soon as the show was over, the puppet master took all the puppets including Pinocchio with him and left for home. After some time Pinocchio climbed onto the circus stage and started dancing. Then the owner of the circus caught sight of him. Seeing Pinocchio, he thought that if he included him in his circus team, he would earn well. Thinking this, he immediately imprisoned Pinocchio.

On reaching home, the Puppet Master needed some wood to cook. Did he think why use Pinocchio for this? He said to Pinocchio, ‘Listen! I need some wood to cook.’ Pinocchio was scared to hear this. He said, ‘No, don’t burn me.’ He remembered his father, ‘Papa, save me.’

The Puppet Master was surprised to hear the word papa from Pinocchio’s mouth. He asked Pinocchio, ‘Do you have a father too?’ Pinocchio said, ‘Yes and he is very nice.’ Pinocchio told his whole story to the puppet master. Hearing the story the puppet master said to Pinocchio, ‘You are a good child. Here, take some gold coins and buy a coat for your father.’

Taking the gold coins from the puppet master, Pinocchio left for his home. On the way, he met a cat and a fox. Pinocchio told them all about the coins. Hearing this, the cat and the fox made a plan to rob Pinocchio. The fox said to the cat, ‘Madam cat, you tell this Pinocchio about the money tree.’ The cat said, ‘Okay! But this is a secret, which we do not tell anyone.’ To this, the fox said, ‘Let us celebrate our new friendship first.’

The fox and the cat took Pinocchio to a hotel. There they ate food and left early. Because of this, Pinocchio had to pay the hotel bill. As soon as Pinocchio came out after paying the hotel bill, he heard a voice, stop! Give money or you will be killed. Pinocchio understood that it was the act of the cat and the fox.

Pinocchio quickly hid his remaining money. Even after this, the cat and the fox hanged Pinocchio from a tree and said, ‘If you want to escape safely, give the coins.’ He once again remembered his father. Then a fairy heard Pinocchio’s voice. He sent a vulture and a dog to rescue Pinocchio.

The vulture quickly cut Pinocchio’s rope. Then the dog picked up Pinocchio from there and took him to the fairy. When Pinocchio woke up the next morning, the fairy asked him how he got there. In this Pinocchio told his story to the fairy, but during this, he told a lie that his coins were stolen, while the coins were with him.

As Pinocchio lied, his nose kept getting longer. The fairy understood that Pinocchio was lying. He said, ‘Pinocchio doesn’t lie. I can see your nose is getting longer.’ Pinocchio immediately apologized to the fairy and said that he would not do that again. After this, the fairy gave some coins to Pinocchio and told him to give them to his father.

Taking the coins from there, Pinocchio once again went towards his home. Only then did he meet the same cat and fox again on the way. They once again persuade Pinocchio to grow a coin tree and steal his coins and run away. After this, Pinocchio reached his home empty-handed in despair.

Here he said to his father, ‘Forgive me. I was influenced by others.’ Zepato forgives Pinocchio and sends him to school the next day. On his way to school, Pinocchio met Carlos, the most mischievous kid in the school. He said, ‘ Hey Pinocchio! Where are you going? Don’t waste your time going to school. Come with us to Toy Land. There is going to be a lot of fun there.

Pinocchio this time got into Carlos’s words and went with him. On the way, he found a donkey cart and he got on it. After going some distance both of them suddenly appeared in the form of a donkey. Both reached the market in the form of a donkey. There a farmer buys Carlos, while a circus owner buys Pinocchio.

Now Pinocchio had to perform his tricks in the circus every day. One day while performing a trick, Pinocchio fell off the stage and broke his leg. For this reason, he was also thrown out of the circus. Then one day an old man arrived to buy it. He wanted to make a drum out of Pinocchio’s skin. The old man tied Pinocchio to a big stone and threw him into the sea.

After going into the sea, Pinocchio started crying loudly remembering that fairy. Pinocchio said, ‘Fairy save me. After today I will never do such a stupid thing again, really.’ Pinocchio’s voice reached the fairy’s ears. He immediately ordered a fish to go into the sea and save Pinocchio.

The fish immediately reached Pinocchio and cut the rope and ate his donkey skin. After this Pinocchio reverted to his puppet form. After this Pinocchio started trying to get out of the sea by swimming somehow. Then a big shark came after him and due to the strong grip of the waves, Pinocchio reached the shark’s mouth. The mouth of the shark was quite dark. Pinocchio was horrified to see this. He called out, ‘Is there anyone? help me.’

Then Pinocchio saw a light. He saw that his father Zepato was standing there with a torch. Pinocchio was overjoyed. Zepato was also very happy to see Pinocchio. He said, ‘Oh my child! I didn’t think I would see you alive again. I didn’t see you on land, so I came to find you in the water, but because of a terrible storm, I got eaten by a shark. On this Pinocchio said, ‘ Oh father! We are both alive. Let’s try to get out of here.’

Pinocchio and his father try to get them out of the shark’s mouth, but they don’t succeed. Then the shark started to sleep and she started sleeping with her mouth open. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Pinocchio and Zepato jumped into the water and swam out.

After coming out, Pinocchio noticed that his father had a high fever. He made his father sit at a place and went out in search of some food for him. Then he saw a shop. He asked the shopkeeper for milk for his father. The shopkeeper said, ‘Give the money and take the milk.’

Pinocchio had no money. On this, the shopkeeper said, ‘If you do not have money, then you work here from morning to evening and take milk for father.’

Pinocchio agreed to the condition of the shopkeeper and started working there. After a few days, Pinocchio’s father got well. Then both of them left for their home. Now Pinocchio had changed a lot and started helping his father in his work.

One day he came to know that Pari’s health is bad. He immediately sent some money to Pari. The fairy was very happy to see this and one night she appeared in Pinocchio’s dream and gave him a boon. The next morning, when Pinocchio saw himself in the mirror, he was surprised.

He saw that his face changed completely and he now became a handsome boy like a puppet. He ran to his father. Zepato was also very happy to see Pinocchio. Both Pinocchio and Zepato lived happily ever after.

Learning From The Story – This story teaches us that we should always obey our elders. Failure to do so can lead to many problems.


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